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13 December 2023 2 November 2023 21 January 2022 6 November 2021
  • I always wanted to do this: all the characters are now animated! Thanks to the miracles of ffmpeg, it was easier than I thought.
28 October 2021
  • The pre-release demo is back on c64online.com, so you can explore it from your browser. Let's see how long this link remains valid...
24 October 2021
  • Another crumb of information reveals that the Swedish edition sometimes came with English instructions.
21 October 2021
  • From Down Under comes a review in Australian Commodore Review. While they make it front page news, the article basically boils down to an underwhelmed "appeals to those who're into this kind of game".
25 September 2021
  • Good things come to those who wait. A little space fairy brought me the complete text of an email interview that World of Spectrum did with Admiral Lorenzen himself. It's truly delightful, go on, read it!
8 June 2021
  • Not that new, but I had overlooked it: there is a disk image with five missions. And the extra mission it is not just freshly coded, but was hidden in the original code.
23 April 2020 21 April 2020 17 March 2020
  • In a rare piece of news, I found another review in 3-2-1 contact magazine.
28 February 2019
  • Incredible, there are still big surprises. This time I tracked down a Taiwanese version of the PC game. Colourful, truly different, and probably bootlegged.
29 November 2018
  • Massive reorganisation of the library of international boxes. A lot of new detailed scans, better navigation, some new local versions, including:
  • New pictures of the UK disk release, with included advertising.
8 November 2018
  • While browsing around on youtube, I found two re-orchestrated versions of the game music. They seem to be using the original sid files, but changing the output to more versatile midi instruments. So both are very true to the original soundtrack.
30 October 2018
  • I've waited 15 years for this: I finally hold a ridiculously expensive copy of the Double Accolade Edition in my hands. It contains just the standard Psi 5 and Law of the West US floppy versions, but on the front of the slip case you find one of my favourites artworks in the computer world.
6 October 2018
  • Small update: a French advert from Tilt, issue 29/86.
  • Removed the guest book, since all it did was attract spam bots, with just one genuine post in 15 years. Whow, 15 years of psi.cerebus.de ...
2 June 2018
  • In the hottest news since the pirates of Zipo-Aga were defeated: A real-life Psi-5 enamel badge is now available for purchase! An exclusive treat for all space captains who fought on the Parvin Frontier.
19 May 2018
  • Totally out of nowhere, an Italian PC version has popped up. It's special, since it was released on 3.5" floppy.
  • If you wondered how to best load a tape in WinVice, you can now follow these tape instructions, provided by JC.
04 March 2018
  • I found the rare Swedish manual. See the comparison page for more details.
07 January 2018
  • The goodies keep rolling in: the Dutch tape edition arrived. I added a translation of the inlay, but unfortunately it came without a manual.
29 December 2017 1 November 2017 23 August 2016 21 August 2016 20 August 2016 2 April 2016 8 November 2015 7 June 2015
  • I managed to get hold of the Swedish edition, published by Action. Unfortunately without the manual, but you can see a better resolution image of back and front now.
  • A few pictures and text changes were missing, so the links in the news from 1 May made no sense. They do now.
19 May 2015
  • The internet never forgets? The hell it doesn't. Two of the online emulators have gone. On the plus side, there now is a link to a PC emulator available.
  • You can now post your highscores to show off to the rest of the world.
1 May 2015
  • A few more pieces of PSI-5 jetsam have been washed up on the beaches of the internet, including a Spanish game screenshot, just so you see that is has been done...
  • An ad for the Spanish version of the game, thanks to commodoreplus
  • A two page ad or brochure for the Accolade portfolio of the game. What I find very interesting is that PSI 5 is not offered for the Apple II. The mystery continues: has it ever been published for Apple?
10 May 2014
  • Something of a mystery surfaced: a large colour edition of the PC manual. It's too large to fit in the original packaging, so I don't know where it comes from. See the comparison page for more details.
12 January 2014 2 June 2013
  • A nice discovery in the C64 alternative version: It implements a demo mode, where some sort of AI plays the game. Not very successfully, though :-)
26 May 2013
  • And the news keep coming. You can now play the PCW version in an emulator, in all its monochrome glory, thanks again to Billy.
  • for consistency, the PCW screenshots now depict the weapons crew candidates, like in the other versions.
  • It turns out there is yet another C64 version, this one with an additional mission. You can download the alternate disks, to have a look, but they don't work properly.
19 May 2013
  • Exciting! Screenshots of the rare PCW version have been sent by Greek fan Billy.
  • and to go with it, a Greek review of the C64 version, from Pixel magazine.
  • Another round of dead link removal, the web is ever eroding
11 May 2013
  • Appropriately for a trading company, the first merchandise has appeared.
24 July 2012
  • There is a first trace of the elusive Apple II version, even if it's just a crack screen.
26 April 2012
  • Something genuinely new: a web comic chose Psi 5 as its topic. Have a look in the comic section, which I have moved to the more appropriate "Pics" group.
29 January 2012 25 January 2012
  • A delightful Swedish ad with a portrait of a friendly Yeela starts the new year. This also triggered a slight reformatting of the Ads page.
  • As a side effect, the ad also resolves the mystery of what used to be the Unknown Tape Version! It's the Swedish release.
22 November 2011
  • The advances in online translation helped me to create a more fluent english version of the inspired review by Antares.
18 March 2011
  • I have physical copies of all the well known release formats now, see the new pictures for Amstrad PC and Spectrum Collections that contained Psi 5.
  • These collections contain yet more variations on the included documentation, presented on the comparison page.
12 March 2011
  • Added the Spanish edition to my collection and celebrated by improved pictures.
  • New pictures also for the Australian release.
  • A detailed comparison of the manuals show that they weren't all the same.
  • A full screenshot of the anniversary edition shows that it's worth downloading.
26 February 2011
  • Improved picture of the Spanish edition.
  • General spellchecking, mostly in the crew CVs.
12 February 2011
  • I obtained a copy of the Australian edition and added some pictures.
  • If you're Swedish, you may want to follow the Swedish Wiki link.
30 December 2010 13 December 2010
  • A much improved tips page now has a summary of crew tips, reformatted collected game strategies, and, most exciting, starmaps giving away the potential location of pirate ships!
  • The Crew Quotes now also contain the full CV information for each crew member
  • The usual link and content update to keep everything smooth. As this is a retro page, the death of geocities destroyed quite a few old links.
25 April 2009
  • Extra, extra, read all about it: the Anniversary Edition of the game is here! A complete rewrite with hires graphics, faithful to every detail of the original.
18 April 2009
  • I finally moved to a new provider with more space and can add content again. Several small, but nice additions:
  • another review, this time from Norway
  • a new ad from Crash magazine
  • a surprisingly positive spectrum review in Computer Gamer
  • and the lovely Spanish game box, with a suitable subtitle...
  • plus the usual fixing of moved/disappeared links
20 April 2008
  • Coders wanted! Another attempt at a new version (this time online) has been kicked off.
8 April 2008
  • The biggest news: you can now read all the funny crew messages! Have all the fun without playing over and over again, making notes.
  • Two more Spectrum ads thanks to World of Spectrum.
  • Again some link fixing. The web is a very volatile place...
22 February 2008
  • One of the reviews (the PC version from allgame.com was only shown partially on this website, it's there in its full length now
  • The depths of googles caches have revealed another fragment of Samuli Heikkilä's psi5-2000 project. I should really have pulled a local copy at the time, he had had some lovely rendered graphics there, including a short video.
  • The uncracked C64 boot screen has been replaced by a crisper image.
  • The Comic pages looked a bit broken on hires screens, that is hopefully fixed
15 October 2007
  • From the marketing division, have a look at a new magazine advertising, the one I labelled "Another Magazine ad", lacking any further info.
  • Two new reviews, from allgame.com, for the C64 and PC versions were added.
  • So was a picture of an Amstrad re-release, as part of a 4-game collection.
  • And finally I found out about a little easter egg hidden in the ZX version.
20 March 2007
  • Beeep, blip blip, krkrkr bleep! You can now enjoy the full PC experience! Thanks to Unkillable Cat from the Underdogs, there is now a set of PC binaries with working sound.
  • My god. The final episode of the Comic has not been linked and nobody complained. Go, read it all including Episode 6, now!
  • Another special edition in a nice box is documented.
  • Once again links were verified and fixed.
20 October 2006 3 September 2006
  • Great things throw their shadows: A completely rewritten Jubilee Edition is on the horizon!
4 June 2006
  • Finally, you can read how Bobby's, well, exciting, comic adventure ends. Go to the Comics page and enjoy all 6 episodes.
7 April 2006
  • In an attempt to get closer to the original game feeling, I added keyboard navigation support (requires Javascript)
  • Help page, since there has been the odd report that people found the navigation confusing. It's linked to the ? on each page.
  • And something I always wanted to do: a site icon. Doesn't seem to work in IE, though :-( Web developers, any tips?
31 March 2006
  • Added a new raving online review from GameFAQs, and a third Spanish online review
  • You can now examine the demo version online, or download it as a disk image!
  • A bit of brushing up text and crosslinks.
29 March 2006
    When it rains, it pours, as they say. News galore. I discovered
  • New (or rather quite old...) ads for the game
  • Two more reviews of the ZX version, from "Your Sinclair" and "ZX Computing". They are really an active community.
  • A personal review from Denmark.
  • A second online emulator, slightly different to operate, pick your favourite.
26 March 2006
  • Hooray! Almost the complete Computer Warrior comic is available online now for your reading pleasure!
4 March 2006
  • Finally, finally, I found a first trace of the Computer Warrior comic! Unfortunately it appears to be only the introduction to a 6 part series, but hey, have you ever seen even 1 part?
  • Fixed a display issue in IE with the interviews, and some links
29 March 2005
  • The Australians apparently liked the game, and had another tape edition.
  • I found the last review I know of: the one from commodore power/play, a very favourable one, too.
  • And last, but not least: an exclusive interview with Mike Lorenzen! From the memories of an old fan to the readers of these pages exclusively.
11 June 2004
  • It gets more and more and more international: a picture of the Australian tape edition. Unfortunately the shipping costs alone were too high for me to start bidding, so all you get is the fuzzy picture from ebay.
  • No news, but I realised that bloody Internet Exploiter is to stupid to display the same blue in gif and png files in the same colour. So unless you switch to some proper software like Opera, you have to live with the slightly different shades in the menu bar for now :-(
9 May 2004
  • Another devastating spectrum review, this time from Sinclair User. Porting the game really didn't work, it seems.
  • Fixed a slight colour problem with the new blinking cursor layout.
26 April 2004
  • While I'm playing with my camera: An overview picture helps to visualise how the foldout cover actually folds.
  • Fixed a few broken links. Most notably, alas, the Psi-5 Project 2000 has gone from us :-(
25 April 2004
  • Something for the French visitors: the back cover of the French C64 version, and a closeup of the European floppy
  • Since the postman brought a new camera: improved pictures of the C64 and CPC versions. Mind you, I still try to keep them small, so they are not perfect.
13 April 2004 4 April 2004
  • I have a lucky streak: another review turned up. The Zzap!64 game magazine gives decent, though not excited grades.
  • And as if that wasn't enough, there's also one of the elusive ads in it.
23 March 2004
  • A new review from Commodore Computing International, that awards Psi 5 the "Megastar Award".
  • Much improved picture of the PC version
  • I found a picture of a tape version I never saw before. If you can identify it, please contact me!
21 December 2003
  • Exciting news: you can play the game online! At least the spectrum version.
20 December 2003
  • Comments on what the companies that made Psi 5 do today.
  • Proper credits for the provider of the Happy Computer review
  • Checked and updated links to external sites.
  • Recreated all pages with new JavaScript, for faster page loading, and fixed a cosmetic bug in IE (a lighter blue box to the right of the last menu item)
21 October 2003
  • New review information, unfortunately only a magazine name, not the content
  • Link to another fan page
  • ...and, tadaaa! The biggest news since the site started: I got the PC version of the game, and expected the booklet to basically be a copy of the original one. Which it is until page 10. Then Mike Lorenzen adds a full 16 pages of dense information: he paints a vivid story background, chats about software piracy, and best of all opens his treasure box for the most amazing set of playing tips!
    This is the dream of every Psi 5 fan come true, why didn't anybody tell me before what was hiding in that seemingly cloned PC issue ;-)
19 October 2003
  • New sound effect: the gong when you acknowledge an incoming message
  • Missile sound effect without background music
  • HMTL change to use proper font in Opera 7
29 September 2003 28 September 2003