qm music fx back
Ed Bogas wrote the moody tunes that run in the background and create much of the atmosphere of the game. Luckily, some kind soul has undertaken the heroic effort to rip the music from the C64 game and to publish it in .sid format. It's the best and smallest format for c64 tunes. If you don't have it yet, Sidplay is a small and easy standalone player.

If this isn't enough: there's a groovy remix of the "Crew Selection Theme" by Subversive Elements, called "Switched on Bogas"
Another very chilled remix comes from powertrace
A re-orchestration of all the melodies in impressive symphonic style by Pieces of 8-bit is on youtube now.
Another version with new instrumentation, nicely blending the themes into one, has been done by
Andrew Fisher.

And if you want to become a mixer yourself: running the sid file through the sid2midi converter by Michal Schwendt gives interesting versions even without editing them...

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