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The ultimate project is Gary Wong's jubilee edition. It's now available for download in a beta version. Get it while it's hot!

Before that, different projects had been started to create a new version of the game, and all of them died before they got anywhere:

Psi-5 Project 2000: Samuli Heikkilä planned to write a PC game, similar to the original but with rendered graphics and extended details. Unfortunately the link is now dead and I can't present the lovingly rendered graphics of the preview. The only thing salvaged from google's cache is the title page with mutilated images...

A completely different approach is behind the Psi 5-2 Trading Company. Jerod has a dream: he dreams of a complete Arcade Console, with a series of different missions to fulfil. Unfortunately reocities.com seems to have disappeared, so all that is left are the storyboards and the start of a novel he wrote: they are copied on this site, in the story section.

Another plan that never took off comes from Kevin. He toyed with the idea of creating an online multiplayer version of Psi 5.

Then there is a more recent game that is based on the same idea: Star Trek Bridge Commander. Much more complex, nice graphics. Just a bit too much on the serious side, compared to Psi 5 :-) Fast paced as the games industry is, the game website is gone, but you can always google for details.

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