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PSI-5 Trading Company: Winvice c64 Emulator (tape: side 1 and side 2)

Screen adjusting: Go to the OPTIONS tab and click on double size (on the option choices)

Assuming you have the game unzipped and is in a folder of your choice.

  1. Hit the FILE tab and click on Autostart disk/ tape image, select your unzipped game file tape 1
  2. Upon seeing words on a black screen press ALT-W (warp) until the logo screen for PSI-5 Trading Company shows up. At that point stop warping by depressing the "W" in (ALT-W) and slowly warp (forwarding the tape again) until you reach tape counter 81 (lower right hand corner of the emulator). At counter 81 the screen goes blank (it needs to get blank) after it's blank, pause the counter and don't let the counter go past 87 (you can pause by hitting the FILE tab which you will need to use next.
  3. At this point, click the FILE tab and choose Attach Tape image (ALT-T) and select tape 2 of your game file.
  4. After you've done that, go to the FILE tab and click on Datasette Control and click Start. The screen will reload and you'll see the Commodore 64 home screen with a blinking prompt, at this point type LOAD. *(Sometimes at this point, the emulator freezes) if it does, just try again from the beginning (step one). It'll fly by. Just remember to warp to the right tape counters.
  5. On the next blinking prompt you can type RUN.
  6. After this, the game will reload, once you see the same black screen (like in step 2), from before, with some words, proceed to press ALT-W (warp) until you reach the select screen for the game, which will be at about tape counter 90-95. Once you are there, release Alt-W and select your crew and accept the crew at the end.
  7. Once you've accepted your crew and hit accept, then you can ALT-W (warp) to counter 257 to begin the game.