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  • Stay alert constantly. Use the scanner's Examine and Display functions ALL THE TIME(!), to identify potential attackers as fast as possible.
  • To save energy, have Engineering switch off those weapons for which the weapons officer has the lowest ratings.
  • When there's not much else to do (as if...), charge the shield battery by increasing its priority.
  • Observe if the fired weapons are effective (Display on the scanner or acoustic hint = low explosion noises), and choose a different attack mode if necessary.
  • In case of attacks, command the navigator to fly evasive manoeuvres. Make sure the required weapons have energy.
  • Should the shield battery drop to 0%, stop immediately. Set the shield battery to highest priority and wipe out the attackers before you continue your course. On one hand this prevents further attackers to show up, and on the other loads the shield battery.
  • The following ships are always enemies and can be attacked immediately, even if if they didn't fire themselves: Zeltoads, Narviks, Kiffboks, Skronts, Lepsors, Flarkins und Xantogs.
  • The following devices should be repaired with priority: both Reactors, Track Lock, Cargo Environment and Cargo Stabilisation. Damage to the latter results in slowly disintegrating cargo.
  • Since the deadline is extraordinarily tight, repair stops should at most last long enough to fix the critical devices. Damaged shields, engines, retros, robodroids and unused weapons have to be attended to during full speed flight, as well as possible.
  • On the last few miles, push the pedal to the metal and burn the emergency charges to achieve maximum speed.
  • Life support systems for those engineers that are known to have a fragile physiology should also be maintained with priority. Dead crew members result in a reduced score.