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Game programmers don't seem to be very public persons, but occasionally they make appearances that are recorded for the craving fans. Read the words of the people who have actually MADE the game we all only play. Or made something of it, like cool music.
  • The jewel of this collection: fellow fan William G. Dunn talked to Mike Lorenzen himself! The interview appears world exclusively on this web site :-D
  • Another snippet from Mike is reported on world of spectrum. There is no indication of the source, but if it's real, Mike reveals what the mysterious Cravenlator is!
  • Chris Pink (ZX/CPC coder) about his career as a programmer and the role of Psi 5 in it. Taken from here.
  • Simon Butler (ZX/CPC artist) about being a computer artist in old and new days. Taken from here.
  • A0d and BST from "Subversive Element" about C64 sid remixing and their favourite remix, taken from here

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