The picture for new space strategy game based on the old game named Psi-5-Trading Company.
The picture created by Samuli Heikkilä © (2001).

About the new game...

There are some new components in Psi-5 Project 2000 game: * New and different weapons, like: * laser guided missiles * energy weapons * ion gun and * plasma weapon * New devices like: * magnetic shield against weapons of corsairs (called cravenlator). * Bussard-collectors in the front of the engines of the ship. * Cloaking device. * And many many more... * New profiles and new staff! * Player always get the bonuses in the end of game! * At start, the game will be published as 2D-version. * And my dream of the future: 3D-version of this game!

Main Headquarters of Parvin Frontier in Bronzaag at planet Prol.
Picture created by Samuli Heikkilä with Strata 3D (c) 2001.

  "The Parvin Frontier is a mecca for settlers,
  entrepreneurs on both sides of the law and
  some of the worst scum of the universe. The
  inhabintants are on the brink of starvation
  and will pay anything to anyone who can get
  through to them with a ship of supplies from
  the outside world."

  (Taken from the original Psi-5-Trading
  Company strategy game (1985).)

In my new strategy game, The Parvin Frontier is not situated in our galaxy, so there are different physical laws. There are for example anti-matter warp engines in many ships (and in freighters, of course), so they can travel with speed of light. And if they can travel with that way, they don't became older.