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The following people were working on the game, or at least they are the ones that were mentioned anywhere; apologies to everybody who is missing:
  • Mike Lorenzen - Programming
    He also designed, co-designed (C) or ported (P) the following games: Circus (Atari(C), 1980), Golf (Atari, 1981), Oink (Activision, 1984), Pitfall II (Atari(P), 1984), Card Sharks (Accolade, 1987), TKO (Accolade, 1988), Ishido (Accolade(P), 1990)

    His game designer career ended in 1992. This may be related to a lawsuit by Sega against Accolade that was settled the same year. The case was about reverse engineering, one of Mike's jobs. He then successfully moved into the exciting world of telephone system sales and support in California.

  • Mimi Doggett - Graphics
    She also did graphics for Garfield (Atari, 1983), Hardball (Accolade, 1985), Law of the west (Accolade, 1985), Card Sharks (Accolade, 1987), Sargon 5 (Acivision, 1991), Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2 (Infocom, 1992), Robotech: Crystal Dreams (1998)
  • Ed Bogas - Music
    He also wrote the music for the following Accolade games: Hardball (1985), Law of the west (1985), Murder on the Mississippi (1986), 4th and Inches (1987), Card Sharks (1988), Steel Thunder (1988), TKO (1988) as well as being a busy composer for cartoons, TV series and movies.
    He's still active at www.ebogas.com
  • Chris Pink - Programming Amstrad & Spectrum
    He coded, designed or co-wrote many other games, see an interview for a few of them.
  • Simon Butler - Graphics Amstrad & Spectrum
    He was and is a designer for countless games, he names a few in an interview. Last sign of activity was a now defunct geocities profile.
  • Jon Grimshaw - CPC Graphics
  • Tony Lee - IBM Graphics
  • Tom Mornini - Apple port

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