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Accolade was big enough to run a series of press releases and glossy ads. Here's what has surfaced so far. (Move over the items for a quick preview, click for full size images)
German game package -  Unknown Magazine  -  Crash 10/86  -  Tilt 29/86 (French)  -  Computer Gaming World 25, 2/86  -  ZZAP!64 5/86  -  Sinclair User 10/86  -  Sinclair User 12/86  -  Your Sinclair 9/86  -  Your Sinclair  -  US game inlay  -  Spanish Input  -  Hemdator Hacking 1/86, Translation see below

Thanks to the following websites for scans:
lemon64 -  World Of Spectrum -  64er.de


New mineral deposits were found in the star-quadrant called the Parvin Frontier. The place quickly filled with settlers, merchants, entrepreneurs, adventurers and everyone else who saw a chance to become rich. There's only one problem ... The Parvin Frontier is located on the end of the galaxy. It's getting harder and harder to ship freight there. The inhabitants will pay any amount to get tools, equipment and food. As head of the small PSI-5 Trading Company you could, together with the right crew, earn a fortune ... but do you dare?

Choose your crew with care. Figure out a strategy and hurl yourself into the galaxy's darkness...

A brilliant combination of strategy and action with unbelievably beautiful graphics. The quality of the animated graphics is incredible, and all the characters looks eerily alive when they are communicating with you.

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