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Read what others have to say about the game. There are many opinions, from magazines, websites, and even the radio!

In Print

  • From Computer Gamer, a truly entertaining and immersive review from the UK. It appeared in issue #14,May 1986. It's a bit hard to read, so here is the online version, found here.
  • From Australian Commodore Review (found on archive.org) comes a somewhat lukewarm review, though it dominates the front page.
  • From Commodore Computing International, a British magazine. The review appeared in the June 1986 issue.
  • US Magazine Computer Gaming World published a positive review in issue 29, June 1986
  • One more from the US: 3-2-1 contact favorably reviewed the game in August 1986.
  • From Happy Computer , a German magazine, and my own humble translation. (found on krimskram.de). Later on, they published an extended version with personal reviews.
  • That's what we like to see: a raving review in commodore power/play in September 1986.
  • Again from the UK: ZZAP!64 did an extensive review in Nr.13, May 1986 issue.
  • Greek review from Pixel magazine ...and a translation courtesy of Billy.
  • Your Sinclair originally (in May 1987) published the review that's online in the Rock'n'Roll Years, see web links below. The print version is worth reading, there are a few extra jolly comments .
  • The UK based Crash magazine reviewed the spectrum version. The testers don't like it, but I guess most fans will have played the C64 version.
  • Same for Sinclair User May 1987 : The bile they pour over the game is the final proof that the speccy version just couldn't match the original release. Don't blame me: the review was in grayscale in the mag already.
  • Also in May 1987, Computer Gamer is definitely more positive with a 66% rating.
  • And hey! Somebody liked the spectrum version: ZX Computing , June 1987, rate it as "great". Thanks to World of Spectrum for this and a few more scans!
  • A latecomer from April 1988, in AmstradAccion you get an idea of the frustrations of gamers with that machine.
    Here's a machine translation..

On Air

  • Shane R. Monroe did an audio review on RetroGaming Radio in Episode 01-23-1999, taken from here

On youtube

  • There are several videos of the gameplay, but I particularly want to recommend the review by RPG Gamer, since it uses the remake by Gary Wong, giving you an idea what it looks like.

On the Web

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