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All the different versions had different graphics, compare them here (desperately looking for Apple II snapshots or disk images!):
C64 demo ZX PCW CPC PC Apple
Title * * * * * * * * * *
Crew Selection * * * * * * * *
Resume * * * * * * *
Game Scene * * * * * * *

The demo version was released for C64 (at least). This pre-release design was also used in the documentation and on the game box. The colours differ slightly from the implemented demo, so the print versions seem to be from an even earlier design; see the selection screenshots.

The Apple screenshot is the first sign I ever found of the Apple II version, It looks like it's just a crack screen, not the real design, and it's not mentioned anywhere in the blogpost that contains the screen, but it's a start.

The Spectrum version contains an easter egg in the startup screen: when you change it to 2 colours, "Dr. Who" appears in a corner. Thanks for this to equ.in/ox.

Only the cracked C64 version is available in d64 format. Screenshot of the original thanks to a0d.

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