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A string of official versions of Psi 5 Trading Company have been released. Many of them (except for the Apple and PC 1512 versions) are available for download in their emulator versions:
  • C64 Demo- 1985(?) This came on a floppy with other game demos and was probably an advertising item. The graphics are similar to the ones on the packaging, not like the final version.
  • C64 - 1985
  • Apple 2 - 1985 (? may never have been released)
  • Amstrad CPC - 1985
  • ZX Spectrum - 1986
  • PC - 1986
  • Amstrad PC 1512 - 1986(?)
  • Amstrad PCW - 1986(?)
  • C64, version with 4 missions - 1986(?)
  • C64, fix release - 1986. Identical to the above?
  • PC Italian - 1987. Only known 3.5" floppy release

The 1986 release for the C64 addresses problems with certain disk drives and chip versions. This may be identical with the 4 mission version: The volume ID on the first disk says F4, indicating a later version of the RapidLok copy protection. So even though the ID still says 1985, it probably is the fixed version.
Much more interesting though is the extra mission to Renlozen, which is not mentioned in the release notes for the bug fix. It is much easier to win than the longer missions, and should have been there from the initial release.

Both Amstrad and ZX versions were coded by Chris Pink, but the PCW release is said to be more fluent in gameplay than the sometimes stuttering ZX version. It suffers from having only monochrome graphics, though. Soundwise, It comes with only a few beeps.

Both Amstrad and ZX offer a choice of missions with a pre-selected crew, presumably to save on loading time.

I've only ever seen the Amstrad PC 1512 release in the Amstrad PC collection. It's explicitely marked as "for Amstrad PC 1512". Since that machine was IBM-PC compatible and running DOS, I suspect it is the same as the PC version. The 1512 label would be just marketing, since the 1512 was dominating the PC market in the UK in its time.

There is a Spanish (Castillian) localised version, the only non-English one I heard of. German, French, Swedish and Dutch releases are known, but at least for the German and Dutch ones, the software was still in English.

Covenant from the Swedish Cracking Crew claims that the released disk version for C64 was actually based on a crack of a tape version they did.
Now, I have some doubts here. While it's true that the only downloadable version for emulators is their crack, the original disk was copy protected and had no reference to the SCG at all.

I'm extremly interested in any Apple 2 information, especially screenshots or disk images.

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