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Operational area Parvin sector: with its natural resources, this godforsaken corner of the galaxy has attracted soldiers of fortune from all over the universe. In this barren region, goods of any kind are scarce. Most trading vessels are annihilated by enemy forces on their long way. So if a ship succeeds in reaching the destination, the reward is all the more.

In the game "Psi 5 Trading Company" you are the boss of a space cruiser, that doesn't shy at the risk of the dangerous journey. You start by selecting one of three missions and make up your crew. You need one specialist for each of the departments: weapons, navigation, engineering, scanning and repair. You have the choice among 30 candidates all in all, whose strengths a weaknesses are shown on screen in a kind of personnel file.

When you chose your crew, you can finally take off. With the joystick you can switch between the different departments, retrieve information and give orders. Frequently, you have to react quickly, but also take the tactically best decision.

The excellent graphics virtually squeezes the C64. In one screen window you see the crew member you are currently in contact with. These splendid characters could all have sprung from a wacky space cartoon, all the more since the graphics are superbly animated.

In the course of the game you have your hands full. For example if a space ship shows up, at first the scanning department has to identify it. Then you can tell your weapons officer ordnance to attack the enemy.

The game idea is as unconventional as it is refreshing. It takes a while to get familiar with all the controls, but a German manual helps overcoming any intial difficulties. Below the line, a felicitous and amusing game that provides cultivated disport.