PSI-5 Trading Company

At captain's command David Braben's Elite started a trend of spacetrading games. In these games the spaceships were usually flown like a fighter even when the size of the spaceship was measured in kilometers, and even today there hasn't been much change in this trend. A refreshing exception to that is PSI-5 Trading Company, which came out at the same time as Elite, where a spaceship is controlled through the crew.

The crew has different skills that affect how well they can do their jobs and in addition to humanoids there are all kinds of tentacle creatures. Commanding the crew is the idea of the game because otherwise trading and battle are a little boring and the graphics aren't good either. But it is much more fascinating to command different persons to do something than pilot the spaceship by yourself with joystick.

As a game PSI-5 does not offer much deep contents, but as a captain simulation it is still one of the best. The feeling of power and powerlesness reflects well to this side of monitor when the crew tries to carry out different tasks while captain tries to hold the threads on his hands. This game works well in new computers so there shouldn't be any excuse not to become acquainted with this classic spacegame.

Riku Neuvonen

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