Psi-5 Trading Company
Synopsisby John Gorenfeld

Hand-pick a space freighter crew from the galaxy's best officers, then survive a star trek through dark territory in Psi 5 Trading Company, a truly original take on the old Star Trek games that appeared on university mainframes in the 1970s. As you make command decisions that would make Captain Kirk sweat, the real fun is in seeing how your crew's diverse personalities hold up under pressure. After you're through looking at the personnel file, you set off on your chosen course -- ranging from dangerous to incredibly dangerous. Then waves of aliens come at your ship, and as you return fire or call for damage control, you watch as your men stay calm or go to pieces. Some engineers are self-starters, and others are lazy. Some weapons officers have a lot of sangfroid, and some will freeze up when the four alien races get on your tail and start firing lasers and thermos. The whimsical character art is a highlight. Psi 5 Trading Company is an overlooked classic.