Micromania nº15 1ª Epoca (September 1986)

Not long ago we commented in this same section a program that caught our attention in a special way, as much by the care for its screen design as by the originality and amusement of the gameplay. We were referring to The Law of the West. Now, those of you that had the opportunity of enjoying so stupendous a program shouldn't miss this last creation of Accolade: PSI-5 Trading Company.

Behind this strange name, a brilliant program hides itself. The graphics of this game are simply masterly and, aside from the good screen presentation of the different menus with their respective windows, the personages that form part of the story are really marvelous.

On the development of the program we cannot tell you too much, because the complexity is notorious and the enormous amount of possibilities that appear before us could simply fill more pages than we can list here. What we can say, so that you get an idea (that is after all what we are worrying about in this section), is that it consists of an incredible and enormous space odyssey in which you need strategy, humor, cunning, ability, commercial sense and all those gifts that can be necessary to successfully finish an adventure of this calibre, in which we play the role of the capitan of a superpowered battle ship.

We are creating the game ourselves, because we are in charge of selecting the crew according to our demands (pilot, engineer, mechanic...), as well as correctly equipping the ship, as much in armament as in reserves..., it's impossible to know all the things that can be done in this game. To do a comparison ( odious, as always) we could say that PSI-5 Trading Company is like Elite of Firebird but to the extreme, with some absolutely different graphic expositions, but with a similar enough plot.

Be that as it may, the reality is that Accolade doesn't stop to surprise us with each of their creations, and we can affirm that this is becoming our favorite company for Commodore. With PSI-5 Trading Company, this powerful company, whose programs pass practically inadvertent by the lists of success, has returned to awake our admiration.

Evaluation: (of 5)

Addiction: 5
Graphics: 5
Originality: 4
Total Score: 5