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This is an advanced game, concidering it was made in the middle/early middle of the C64 era. There's an old, sorry version for the PC as well but I haven't seen it on any other platform.


In the game, you play the commander of a starship, a freighter. After hand picking your crewpsi52.gif (5652 bytes) for navigation, repairs, engineering, scanning, weapons and navigation you set off with a load of cargo trough dangerous territory. Soon, raider ships will be all over you eating away at your ship blast by blast, your crew screaming for help and yourself stressing, panicking and loving every minute of it. This hectic game is a real sci-fi action challenge. Just be sure to have a good, quick joystick.


The music is space-like in a cool 80:s way :) The makers have employed some kind of nice filter to it to make it sound like a classic coin-op game. The tweaked sound really adds to the feeling of the game.

Graphicspsi53.gif (6307 bytes)

Is a bit blocky and the game doesn't utilize the borders of the screen. There would be room for a little improvement here, but it doesn't really matter since you only have time to look at the displays (text) anyway :) The different odd crewmembers are cheerfully made and funny. During the game, they change expressions as the going gets rougher.


Psi-5 on two .d64 disk images (one C64 disk)
Note: Turn the disk when you come to the stage where you can select your crew. Be patient when the actual game loads - the computer/emulation hasn't frozen, it just takes a while.