Friday, 10 of June of 2005

Unforgettable games (4): 5 PSI TRADING Company

The list of credits is memorable:
Design: Mike Lorenzen.
Graphics: Mimi Doggett (a brilliant programmer).
Music: Ed Bogas.
Published by Accolade in 1986, we encountered one of the best games in the Commodore history. You became the pilot of a ship in which you had to choose your crew: engineers, gunners, repair team, pilots, etc. You chose between several profiles, one more original than the other. Your mission: to take your cargo towards a certain planet, and earn the reward. Space pirates made it difficult, since it was difficult to know if they were a real threat or not really or not (in a radar you saw if they were friends, enemies or, worse, you had no idea which they could be).
In the game, a joystick wasn't required (which was something more or less novel) and you went from crew member to crew member with only the keyboard. It was very difficult to finish, but of an enormous showiness and playability. In the Castilian version, one side of the tape contained 3 missions with the crew already selected (which saved you the load time) although in English, whereas the other side appeared in Castilian and with the crew choosing. An enormous game.
Best points: A game of strategy and exposition of a mission. Excellent graphical quality and tremendous music.
Worst points: in the Castilian version, the loading time (15 MINUTES).
Score: 9,2