2.7.2652, published 2007/04/06
  • Little fix in string dialog: it's not possible to enter more than the allowed number of letters for Sansa strings any more.

    previous versions

  • First release of LJConvert, published 2006/11/1
    This tool coverts m3u and pls playlists to the pla format used by the T10 players (and maybe others).

    New release of iFormat, published 2006/10/31
    It's now possible to split files into chunks of 240 KB, the maximum size the iriver can display.

    LJ Mix, 2.6.2423, published 2006/08/20
    The first update; nothing like using a tool regularly yourself to find all those little functions that are missing. Here are three that showed up and now make the experience a little more pleasant.
    • Option to avoid copying files that are already on the target
    • Option to switch off tag scanning -> much better performance
    • Folders are prefixed with artist name, if tag info is available

    Download here.

    To Do
    • Since H3xx owners soon will all use rockbox, it's time to focus on other players.
    • If anybody finds out if and how to decrypt a firmware, and if and how checksums are handled, I'm interested in providing support for existing and new image and font formats, as far as I can figure them out.
    • There is also still the plan to create a completely new architecture that allows to just add plugins for new firmware types, instead of needing to recompile the core software all the time.

    I am a regular guest at and member of misticriver. Post questions there, I won't do email support. If you want to mail about anything else, use, obviously without the -nospam- bit.