Screen shots

See end of page for LJMix and LJConvert screenshots

Main Window

The main window of H3Mod is all you really need to see for changing Themes. The main window has four areas:

Firmware Content: This shows an area of a firmware file, interpreted as an image. An exact magnified copy is displayed in the Zoom View.

Bitmap: This window is used when you manually replace images, for example just the boot and shutdown screens. You can either copy the content here and save it as a gif (or bmp or png) file, or load an image file and then copy it into the firmware.

Current Bookmark: This the exact description of the firmware content above. This is valuable for searching images on one hand, and for checking the colour format on the other hand. If you want to create your own theme, it's important to know how many colours each image can have.

Bookmarks: The list of all images that have been found yet, grouped loosely by topic. Selecting a new mark here will change the current bookmarks and, consequently, the firmware content that is displayed.

P.S. The lovely bitmap you see in the screen shot was created by my_iriver, who has many more to offer: see his misticriver gallery.

Theme Preview
The preview window simulates how a modified firmware would look like after flashing it to a player. It's not a 100% accurate image for all screens (some images and fonts haven't been found, and therefore can't be displayed), but it gives very good general impression of the final result.

Navigation is possible over the buttons, almost like on a real H3xx...

Font Window

The font window allows to view and modify the fonts used for text display. For details, please read the help file. A basic overview:

Font names: A list of all fonts that have been found. CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) has been split in 10 chunks for convenience, since there are > 20000 characters in that font.

Preview: Here you see what the font in the firmware currently looks like. A font image similar to this view can be saved for editing and loaded again to replace the original font.

System Fonts: To avoid too much manual work, you can replace firmware fonts by True Type fonts installed on your system. Since these are not optimised for H3xx use, it is usually necessary to add some manual work, but it can provide a good base for a final new font.

String Window

The string window shows strings in the firmware that can be tranlated. This can happen individually or by saving and loading string lists. A basic overview:

Original: The strings as found in the firmware. The same string is often repeated several times and has to be replaced several times, so there can be duplicates.

Translations: These strings will replace the originals when you click OK. The list ist not editable, instead you save the list of originals, translate it, and load it again.

Target String: If you just want to change a few strings, you can do it interactively: select an original, type the translation here, and click the replace button.

LJ Mix

Not part of H3Mod, this is a seperate tool. See the description page for details


Another standalone tool developed for the T10. See the description page for details