See end of page for LJMix and LJConvert description

What is H3Mod?
H3Mod is a tool to modify images in firmware files for the H300 series of iriver products (since 2.0 also H1xx, since 2.2 H10 and X5, since 2.4 T10, since 2.4.2388 H10 mi4, since 2.6.2409 Sansa e200, since 2.7.2520 S10, since 2.7.2623 Sansa e200R firmware support). It comes with a set of predefined bookmarks, but also allows to search for yet unlisted images and change these, too.

It is also possible to search and modify images in any other binary file, as long as the pictures are not bigger than 220x176.

  • Basically works with any firmware version, now or future, as long as the images themselves are not changed. Occasionally updates are required to avoid annoying messages and other inconveniences.
  • Current Number of predefined bookmarks (there may be more images, if a bookmark defines a a block of images):
    • for H3xx: 238 bookmarks, 18 fonts and 232 strings
    • for X5: 158 bookmarks and 1 font
    • for H10 mi4 files: about 130 bookmarks
    • for H10 rom files: 14 bookmarks
    • for T10: 176 bookmarks and 15 fonts
    • for Sansa e200: 130 bookmarks and 12 fonts
    • for S10: 301 bookmarks and 8 fonts
  • On-the-fly decryption and encryption
  • Automatic detection of firmware version
  • Support for 1-bit, 2-bit (iriver and X5 format), 4-bit, 8-bit, 16-bit RGB and 16-bit BGR images
  • Support for GIF, PNG and BMP files
  • Possibility to replace fonts by any True Type font on your system
  • Possibility to replace strings for localising the user interface
  • Possibility to export and import fonts for manual changes
  • Compressed packs for distributing themes (much smaller than zipped images)
  • Data verification after every change to avoid corrupted firmware (but still: use with care! This is no guarantee for safety)
  • Theme support to replace all known pictures in one go
  • Preview function to check themes before upgrading (customisable), and Poster to see everything at one glance.
  • Animation support for preview
  • Extensive support for searching and bookmarking new images
  • Keyboard-driven interface for maximum efficiency
  • All dialog settings are remembered, even after closing the program

What H3Mod can't do
  • Change the size or number of colours of a picture
  • Use videos or animated GIFs
  • Change the colour or background colour of fonts. Absolutely definitely not. Don't even think of asking me or any forum.
  • Restore the settings (tuner region, language, EQ etc) of the firmware. After an upgrade. it will always have the default settings.
  • Change anything else, like supported video types, features...
  • Change other players with the full functionality. There may be some where images can be found, but in most cases there is some checksum or encryption that prevents out-of-the box themeing.

What is LJMix?
LJMix is a tool to copy a random selection of files from one place to another. I developed to copy a fresh selection of music to my 1GB Flash-Player every few days. Features:
  • Support for copying whole albums or completely random files
  • Preview of the selection before copying
  • Possibility to limit the total size or total duration of the copied files. (duration only for mp3, ogg and wma)
  • Blacklist to exclude files and folders from copying
  • Persistent settings: the tool opens in same state you closed it
  • Drag and drop support

What is LJConvert?
LJConvert is a tool to convert playlists to and from the iriver pla format. I use it to convert playlist created by other tools for use with my T10. Features:
  • .m3u, .pls and .pla format can be converted to each other
  • Command line mode for batching
  • Quick Mode: just drop playlists to convert them
  • Persistent settings: the tool opens in same state you closed it
  • Drag and drop support