H3Mod Version History

2.7.2647, published 2007/04/02
  • Initial string support for Sansa. For now, just the strings that allow to create the coveted textless menu
  • 2.7.2640, published 2007/03/25
  • Fix for systems with high screen resolution and large fonts, all dialogs should now scale properly. Maybe a few pixels off, but much better than before.
  • [S10] Preview (and possibly themeing) of many icons was corrupted
  • 2.7.2624, published 2007/03/09
  • Fix for Sansa Sansa e200R firmware: saving firmware works now
  • 2.7.2623, published 2007/03/08
  • support for Sansa e200R firmware (needs new preview slides. Help?)
  • Fix for Sansa preview (didn't work for non - 1.02.15 FW any more)
  • 2.7.2606, published 2007/02/19
  • Command line mode (see help file for details)
  • Experimental support for insignia DVxG firmware
  • 2.7.2595, published 2007/02/10
    Sansa bugfix release
  • Exit animation is back
  • 1.02.15F shows gray Sandisk logo in bookmarks
  • 2.7.2577, published 2007/01/21
    Sansa bugfix release
    Attention:You need the upgrade and the new sansa reference file!
    • Reset Font works properly again (used to clear the font).
    • Font support for all 1.01 versions removed, since it would be a considerable amount of work, and the demand for themeing out of date versions with fonts isn't too big ;-)

    2.7.2563, published 2007/01/07
    Mostly a Sansa release, but there are also a few improvements for all firmware types
    Attention:if you download, get the full H3Mod, not just the upgrade!
    • Loading support for Sansa firmware version 1.03.01, but no bookmarks yet (different colour type)
    • Boot loader to detect and handle dotNet framework problems
    • Several attempts to make messages more user friendly and prevent complete crashes in case of problems

    2.7.2553, published 2006/12/28
    This one is only useful for S10 users. Note that you need to download the latest reference file with this!
    • Support for firmware version 1.03
    • Renamed several bookmarks, now that I know what they are Note: this means you need to rename any images you may have in a theme
    • A few small fixes in preview
    • EQ bars had wrong size

    2.7.2536 (fixing 2535), published 2006/12/10
    Sansa e200 users: you need to download the latest reference file with this!

    Support for 1.2.15 firmware, this affects the fonts only:

    • bugfix: loading theme packs could crash if images have the wrong size
    • Latin Extended has many new characters, therefore replaced ny Latin Extended x.1
    • Greek, Cyrillic and Hebrew fonts added

    2.7.2524, published 2006/11/29
    Bugfix: Theme packs for T10 couldn't be loaded any longer.

    2.7.2520, published 2006/11/25
    H3xx and S10 users: you need to download the latest reference file with this! It's also recommended to get the full pack (with history and help), not just the update.

    There a quite a few changes this time, see the history.txt file in the download pack for details.

    • S10 support, pretty much complete, now we only need S10s to test it :-)
    • H3xx 1.31K support, including full Mine Sweeper themeing
    • new T10 images, most notably the various progress bars
    • Improved previews for T10 and H3xx.
    • A few new images and faster loading times for Sansa firmware.

    2.6.2493, published 2006/10/29 (bugfix for yesterday's 2492)
    Sansa users: you need to download the latest reference file with this! It's also recommended to get the full pack (with readme and help), not just the update.
    • Sansa font support. Again, their firmware was much more complicated than anything else before...
    • bugfix for 2.4.2492: for some firmwares, the reset button for fonts did not work
    • Sansa 1.02.12 supported, including new battery charging screen
    • Improved preview (progress bars in H10)

    2.6.2467, published 2006/10/03
    • H300 firmware 1.30E supported
    • 4 new Sansa preview screens
    • small changes in Sansa bookmarks (see readme in download pack)

    2.6.2437, published 2006/09/03
    You need to download the new Sansa reference file with this!
    • Sansa e200 version 1.01.11A support (Horizontal Scale Grey is found)
    • multiple occurrences of an identical image are found (affected Play button 3 in the Sansa firmware)

    2.6.2423, published 2006/08/20
    • Full bookmark list (127 elements) for the Sansa e200
    • Support for text in preview, if the firmware has no mapped fonts

    2.6.2411, published 2006/08/08
    • Bugfix: Loading themes caused an error message about wrong firmware version

    2.6.2409, published 2006/08/06
    • Preliminary Sansa e200 support: en/decryption and a few sample images and preview slides in place. Version upgraded to 2.6, to celebrate that yet another player is supported :-)
    • Bugfix: fry warning when saving H10 firmware fixed. There hasn't been any danger, but the check had to be adapted to the new encryption algorithm.
    • Preview slides for H10 5/6 GB by mykel--
    • a few H10 bookmark changes, see readme in the pack

    2.5.2398, published 2006/07/26
    Attention: if you work with H10 5G firmware, you need the new reference file!
    • H10 support is finalised, crc and dummy signature (where required) are in place.
    • Images and bookmarks added for 5G firmware, so that UMS, MTP, and Pure firmware are handled properly.
    • Drag and drop support for firmware, theme packs, theme folders and images (gif, bmp, png)
    • Bugfix: it's again possible to load older h3skin files
    • since 2006/07/29 the help file is updated

    First release of LJ Mix, published 2006/07/23
    LJ Mix is a tool to copy a random selection of music from one place to another. One place is supposed to be your music collection, another place is generally your flash player. But feel free to improvise :-) Note: replaces the short lived 1.0.2394 with a few cosmetic fixes.

    Download here.

    2.4.2393, published 2006/07/21
    • Hotfix for 2.3.2392: preview for H10 mi4 20G does not crash any more.
    • Enabled loading of T10 1.72 firmware

    2.4.2392, published 2006/07/20
    Improved H10 mi4 release, and some bugfixes. Attention: you still can't use the mi4 files. They should be OK, but won't be recognised without changes to the .rom/.hex file that goes with them. Research at rockbox continues.

    Downloading the upgrade is enough, although there are minor updates in the help file

    • 5G MTP firmware can be loaded (new key thanks to MrH).
    • Checksum is updated on save (again, thanks to MrH).
    • Preview for 20G H10 mi4, thanks to barrywardell
    • a few new and renamed bookmarks
    • Bugfix: window positions are remembered again after closing the app.
    • Bugfix from last release: Theme packs can be opened again (did complain about wrong version).

    2.4.2388, published 2006/07/16
    Experimental H10 mi4 release. Attention: this release allows to open and theme H10 mi4 files. But you can not yet use the resulting files to upgrade your player! Research is ongoing, and we all hope the people at rockbox will find out soon how to write back modified firmware.

    You need to download the new version, the help file (please read the H10 section there), and at least one of the new reference files.

    • Decryption of mi4 5G UMS and 20G MTP firmware.
    • about 130 predefined image marks.
    • somewhat improved Skin Pack dialog, in the hope that designers can now understand how it works.
    • some more stability when opening unknown decrypted firmware.

    2.4.2354, published 2006/06/12
    Bugfix for 2.4.2353
    • Latest T10 pure firmware recognised properly
    • Removed radio screens from preview for pure T10 firmware

    2.4.2353, published 2006/06/11
    Upgrade and help file are recommended
    • No more registry access, settings are stored in a local XML file instead.
    • Added a Recent Files list to all file dialogs
    • More fixes for font width
    • Helpfile updated with Tutorials, spellchecked.

    2.4.2338, published 2006/05/28
    Bugfix and T10 font release, upgrade and help file are recommended
    • T10 fonts work, including automatic and manual adjustment of font width.
    • Added a small but important image for T10: the dot in the radio frequency.
    • Renamed Skin to Theme to avoid confusion with InSkins
    • T10 preview including text, which facilitates theme design
    • Fix: Saving theme packs labelled them with the wrong version, so they could not be opened again.
    • Helpfile updated with new font information, T10 tips, and a few fixes.

    2.4.2322, published 2006/05/11
    Bugfix and T10 release, the upgrade file is all you need
    • T10 preview is now complete
    • T10 64K colour images now saved as PNG to avoid dithering
    • a few small fonts in the T10 can be changed, not the main thing, though.
    • Fix: "Wrong character in path" bug when saving firmware
    • Fix: "this may fry your firmware" bug in a few scenarios. For peace of mind: the firmware always had been OK, it was just the verification algorithm that screwed up.

    2.4.2253, published 2006/03/03
    Bugfix release, downloading the upgrade is enough.
    • Fix: Saving T10 1.62 firmware crashed H3Mod

    2.4.2248, published 2006/02/26
    Bugfix release, downloading the upgrade is enough.
    • Fix: opening skin packs failed with a message about the wrong product

    2.4.2244, published 2006/02/22
    preliminary U3 release. First time users: download the whole pack and the u3reference.zip.
    • preliminary support for iAudio U3 firmware, see readme in the pack
    • X5 support now also includes X5V firmware.
    • Bugfix when searching images at the end of a firmware file ("File isn't long enough..." bug)
    • several small cosmetic and stability fixes

    2.4.2239, published 2006/02/16
    T10 release. First time users: download the whole pack and the t10reference.zip.
    • First version supporting T10 firmware (UMS, MTP, Pure)
    • Bookmarks still preliminary, Preview slides and fonts missing
    • Bugfix when loading unknown firmware

    2.3.2227, published 2006/02/05
    Bugfix release for 2.3.2226
    • Fixes crash when opening unknown firmware files
    • Fixes error in preview when switching between firmware types

    2.3.2226, published 2006/02/04
    An upgrade only release, no need to download the whole pack if you have version 2164 or later. It's mostly relevant for X5 users, but also has some small general improvements.
    The helpfile has been updated, you may want to download that one, too.
    • When loading an external slideshow file, it is remembered for future preview/poster uses
    • The =External= folder now works properly, without crashes or case sensivity problems, and support for external preview files.
    • X5: new and updated bookmarks, see readme file
    • X5: font for small numbers can be changed
    • X5: very small images, notable the elements for the file browse dialog, are now all found at the correct places.

    2.3.2192, published 2006/01/01
    An upgrade only release, no need to download the whole pack if you have version 2164 or later.
    • Poster function to display all preview screens in one image
    • Bookmarks can be hidden to make searching for new ones easier.
    • Proper iAUDIO X5 support: all known bookmarks are in the code now, so it's version independent; preview for the most important screens, thanks to sepperator.

    2.2.2170, published 2005/12/10
    An upgrade only release, if you have 2164, you don't need to download the whole pack.
    • Fix for the "Shuffle Mode 1" bug when re-opening modded firmware
    • a few small stability improvements
    • added clock for US firmware
    • updated bookmarks version to 7, to avoid issues with old h3x files
    • iAUDIO X5 firmware now is written with the proper checksum
    • iAUDIO X5 version detection

    2.2.2164, published 2005/12/04
    Attention: you need to download the whole pack, the reference file changed. You should also modify themes before loading them. Read the readme.txt in the download pack for details.

    A major release to support various firmware versions, for the first time H3Mod goes away from iriver!

    • Support for H3xx 1.29 versions (Attention: several fonts can't be modified in 1.29J).
    • Support for H10 rom files, both UMS and MTP, including preview (untested by me, since I don't have the player)
    • Support for iAUDIO X5 firmware (not the remote), including preview capability, but without many bookmarks yet. (untested by me, since I don't have the player)
    • cleaned up a few XP GUI issues

    2.1.2001, published 2005/10/01
    Mainly a release to allow fiddling with H10 firmware. Unless you want to experiment with H10, or other non Hxxx firmware, there is no need to get this release, stick with the binaries in the full download, they are tested and stable.
    See the H10 thread at misticriver for more information
    • This release actually allows to open non-Hxxx firmware. That had been a feature in the early version but got lost in later versions, since I built in much Hxxx specific security that couldn't be overridden.
    • Small fix in the preview: pink in backgrounds should show pink and not transparent.

    2.1.1946, published 2005/4/30
    Mostly a preview update. Downloading the upgrade is enough, if you have 2.1
    • Tree Lines is now called Browser Tree and finally has the correct size
    • The tree lines are now also shown in preview
    • So are the blue lines in the settings, and some more scroll bars
    • Small bugfix and changes in the slide files. Not yet in the help file, but that feature isn't used a lot anyway.
    • A new bookmark: Record Setting Item Selected

    2.1.1940, published 2005/4/24
    Attention: you need to download the whole pack, the reference file changed, and due to a Microsoft bug I have to include a manifest file now. It is required for the proper looks on Windows XP.
    • Support for 1.28 firmware
    • A few new images, see the readme file for details
    • More strings. Localised versions are within reach now. The new dialogs for 1.28 are still missing, and a few other details, but a lot of the user interface strings are covered.
    • A few more slides and images in the preview
    • A toolbar for mouse afficionados, and the option to switch it off for the others :-)
    • Ctrl+I shortcut to import images (old style skins)
    • Bugfixes and usability improvements

    2.0.1903, published 2005/3/18
    1903 is a small bugfix for the "Invalid format" bug that happened on some systems when opening firmware.

    The 1901 description is of course still valid:
    Several major new features justify the jump to version 2. There are so many new images that existing skin authors should consider extending their themes.

    • Support for H1xx firmware 1.40 - 1.65
    • Support for 16 bit images
    • String replacement for localisation
    • Compressed Skin packs with author information and comments
    • Near-perfect preview: exact positioning; correct display of transparency and text background/colours; more slides
    • Options dialog
    • Exciting new bookmarks: the settings icons, the small battery, the point in the radio, the scroll handle in play mode, and many more. Refer to the readme included in the distribution for a list of changes.
    • Various minor bugfixes

    1.4.1851, published 2005/1/23
    The font release. I was close to calling this 2.0, since it contains much more functionality than I originally expected. It is absolutely necessary to download and read the latest help file, too. The new functions are rather complex.
    • Export of fonts to images for manual editing
    • Replacing of fonts by any True Type font, with automatic alignment of fonts depending on the firmware font style
    • Integration of fonts into the preview
    • Optimisation of preview (more accurate positioning of pictures)
    • Shift+Ctrl+S shortcut to save to a different file: if your H3xx is connected, it will default to the player's root folder
    • Progress bars for skin loading/saving

    1.4.1849 and 1850, published 2005/1/23
    Very temporary buggy predecessors of 1.4.1851.

    1.3.1830, published 2005/1/4
    • Bugfix for failed verification with some skins.
      Attention: several images have now a smaller number of allowed colours. If you work on a skin, you may have to change some pictures. Just look out for the warnings about too many colours when loading a skin.
    • Remembers selected bookmark when loading new firmware

    1.3.1828, published 2005/1/2
    • new reference.bin: one file for all versions
    • remapping of colours, if they are not grouped at the start of the palette (was causing wrong colours with some pictures)
    • warnings if colours, palette use, or size of skin files are wrong
    • bookmark versioning to avoid errors with old files
    • progress windows when loading firmware and skins
    • no more temporary image files ($$$h3xMod.bmp)
    • Change bookmark name to New when scrolling, to avoid overwriting existing marks. It happened to me regularly...
    • adding bookmarks will put them in the right sort order
    • helpfile updates
    • remember: the Please Wait box changed size, you may want to update your skins

    1.2.1824, published 2004/12/29
    Just a bookmark release: the "Please Wait" box is correct now, after several kind people sent the corrections. The Genre icon was also misplaced by a line. And thanks to mixin, the first 20 remote images are listed. The total count is almost 200 now!

    1.2.1818, published 2004/12/23
    1818 is a hotfix for 1817. It remedies crashes on startup and closing that happened on some systems.

    1.2.1817, published 2004/12/22
    This time, no new reference file is required, but I recommend the updated help file.

    Attention: It is required that you open your unmodded firmware once, so a reference bookmark file can be created!


    • Support for 1-bit and 2-bit images, allowing to change fonts and remote control graphics
    • Preview function to see what the new skin will look like on the player
    • Zoom View for easier image searching
    • Groups for bookmarks (backward compatible h3x format)
    • Possible to continue work on modified firmware
    • Support for sub folders in the skin folder
    • Now a total of 187 predefined bookmarks
    • bugfixes, usability changes, and stabler error handling

    1.1.1788, published 2004/11/23
    • Small bugfix: Since some people overlooked the note that you need to re-download the reference.bin, the version of that file is now checked.
    • A bit more graceful error handling in case of pictures not found

    1.1.1787, published 2004/11/22
    Attention: You need to download one or two new reference files, depending on the firmware version you want to work with.


    • Support for 4-bit images
    • Bookmark list is now mouse enabled
    • Lots of images added
    • Support for video related icons (this requires an extra reference file)
    • Additional verification step after encryption
    • Help file
    • Quickref adapts to selected mode
    • Proper versioning, to avoid confusion about which version you use
    • new XML based bookmark format
    • Several small usability improvements

    • D:\Temp\safe.txt error fixed (either error message, or the file was created when it shouldn't)
    • change at 965553... bug fixed. Files were also OK before, just the safety mechanisms were a bit too paranoid.

    The first version implements most of the features I initially planned and is quite usable. It is almost exclusively keyboard driven, though. Buttons for mouse lovers may follow in later releases.

    Only a minimum of online help is available. If there is any function you don't understand, you're probably not the kind of person who should use it :-)