The most powerful way to convert to and from TBX V3 is via mapping files. They define which fields in a glossary format are equivalent to TBX fields. If applicable, they also allow converting field values. One mapping file will usually describe one specific glossary format. Conversion is possible in both directions, from and to TBX.

The best way to create a mapping file is probably by using the mapping editor in the Converter, but you can also directly edit the xml file; see here: Mapping File Format

To start defining a mapping, you need to be aware of some features of your non-tbx data (referred to as glossary here):

  • Glossary Source Fields: Which fields in your data have equivalent fields in TBX? Fields that have no equivalents need no mapping, they will automatically get converted to generic TBX note fields.
    Example: your data has a field "department", which is not defined in TBX. TBX output will represent it as a generic note field.
  • Field Content: if fields are free text fields, the values are preserved. But if TBX (or the glossary format) enforces a limited number of possible values, you may want to convert them between formats, too. For example, TBX has a limited number of values for administrativeStatus. So if your glossary also defines a status field, you need to define how its values correspond to TBX values. If a glossary field value is not mapped to a tbx value, the field is converted to a generic note, to ensure a valid TBX format. 
    Example: TBX defines "admittedTerm-admn-sts" as a possible status, while your format has "validated" as the closest match. With a mapping, these values can be converted into each other. If your data has a term field "validated", the TBX output will have a field "admittedTerm-admn-sts"
  • Field Level: TBX has three levels: Entry, language and term. The standard restricts at which levels a field may appear. 
    Example: administrativeStatus can only appear at term level; if the glossary has a status field at the entry level, it will be converted to a generic note, not an administrativeStatus field, again to ensure valid TBX.

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