TBX3 has a number of predefined fields, in some cases with a list of allowed values. For example, it defines a grammaticalGender field, which can have one value of [masculine, feminine, neuter, other].

To convert between other formats and TBX3, you can define mapping files: they specify which fields between the formats are equivalent. For example you may have a field called gender, with the possible values [m,f,n]. It's not always possible to have a 1:1 mapping, but the Converter tries to always produce valid TBX and preserve as much structure as possible.

This is a complex operation, so take your time and do lots of tests before going to production. The installer deploys some sample data to C:\Users\<user name>\AppData\Local\SDL OpenExchange\GlossaryConverter\Sample Files. It allows to convert from and to TBX, using a small Excel termbase and a predefined mapping file. I recommend that you use that as a starting point for trying things out.

This is a new feature, and there may still be errors in the Converter...

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