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When Computers Were Green

Looong ago, when I learned my craft at school, our maths teacher not only ran computer classes in his spare time, but he was smart enough to give us what every computer user since the Z1 wants: GAMES!!!

After Space Invaders was banned, since it broke several space keys, the next favourite was called OVERLOAD. God knows where he found it, but the startup screen mentions (P) 1979 by M.A.B. (or M.A H. or M.A.Y, it's hard to tell from the printout), so the original author is a bit of a mystery.

The top home computer at the time was the Commodore PET, and that was what the school lab offered. If memory serves me right, we had 80 column monitors, in glorious green on black. The game even squeezed some melodic effects out of the primitive beeper.