Apparently it is useful to convert between terminology and translation memories, who'd have thought. I added an experimental module to do that. It does not do anything fancy like handling synonyms or more than two languages, just stick to simple bilingual word lists. Let me know if this is helpful, or what features you need.


This requires Studio 2017 or later to be installed.


Fields are mapped to TU properties. This is the equivalent of entry level fields, so when you convert a termbase, all fields are flattened to this level. 


  • When converting to sdltm, the last step (Finalising) can take a long time (several hours for large TMs). It's rebuilding the indices, and I have no progress information.
  • During tests, some TUs got lost in a round-trip TM > Excel > TM. But the same happened when I exported the TM in Studio and re-imported it into a new TM. Therefore I blame Studio and assume that the Converter works.
  • This is a bilingual format, have a look at the notes for Export of bilingual formats.

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