SDL BeGlobal uses a special flavour of csv file. It is quite particular about details:

  • it needs to have exactly 3 columns: source, target, comment, even if the comment is always empty
  • it has no header row defining languages
  • it needs to be UTF-8 encoded

Use as an input format

If you have a BeGlobal csv file, the easiest way is to add a row that provides the source, target and note names. Alternatively, rename it with the extension .bgcsv. In that case, the converter automatically names column 1 Source, and column 2 Target. You then have to assign languages to these fields.

Use as an output format

If you want to convert a termbase to a BeGlobal csv file, you will be asked which languages are source and target. This is even required if your source data has only 2 languages, since the order is important. All selected fields are lumped together in one comment. It's probably best to ignore all fields in the settings, or just allow one entry field.


If your source formats allows multiple translations, they will be lost. BeGlobal is a strict 1 source - 1 target format. If your input is a "proper" termbase, it's a good idea to verify the BeGlobal file manually.

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