These options only apply when termbases in sdltb or xdt format are used

  • Export Entry number: Tick this box if you want to export the MultiTerm entry number as a field.
  • Create Hyperlinks: If you create a termbase and the input contains something that looks like a web address, a hyperlink is created automatically. should that cause trouble, switch it off here.
  • Do not reorganise: A partial termbase is created.

    You must reorganise it in MultiTerm before you can use it!
    Only use this option if you run into memory errors during reorganise. In rare cases, doing the reorganise in Multiterm, instead of the converter, solves the error.
  • Use unprocessed XML: This option is only relevant when converting between Excel and sdltb formats, where you want to preserve hyperlinks in the termbase. See Cross references for an explanation.
  • TemplateTermbase: If you want close control over the format of the created termbases, you can specify a template termbase here. See Defining Fields Through a Template Termbase for details.
  • Description: this will be shown in the properties of an sdltb termbase.
  • Copyright: this will be displayed in the properties and, for some layouts, with each entry in MultiTerm.

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