The converter does not convert directly from or to sdltm files. Instead it reads or creates tmx files. It then uses Trados Translators Workbench to import or export these files.

That means it has to give control to Windows to run Workbench and wait for it to finish. Unfortunately there is no signal if it runs into and error, so it would wait forever.

You can therefore specify how long (in minutes) you want the converter to wait for Workbench, before it considers it to have crashed and abort the conversion. Usually a few minutes would be enough, but Ihave heard of huge TMs taking hours. 

The value can be any number, where 0 stands for "wait forever".

When you create TMX files, you can have 2 flavours: 

  • Default is a generic flavour, with smaller files. It is targeted at generic TMX tools
  • Trados TMX is a flavour specifically for Trados interaction. I you want to import the created TMX into a translation memory, you need to tick this box.

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