TermBase eXchange format (Version 2) is a standard format to exchange terminology data. Glossary Converter does not support all the details of the standard, but it seems to do the job for the basics. If you run into problems, or would like support for other formats, please contact support at glossary@cerebus.de.

The converter attempts to find fields in TBX and assigning them to the correct MultiTerm level. It's impossible to represent the layers of complexity the TBX defines for fields in other formats, so you'll never get a lossless conversion.

The TBX format is moving to a new version, TBX V3, which is also supported.

TBX files usually have the extension tbx, but sometimes also just xml. Since this could clash with the mtf.xml export files of MultiTerm, Glossary Converter automatically detects which type an xml file is.

See Known Issues for differences between TBX and MultiTerm language codes, and for size limits in general.

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