Status: This feature is based on a very small set of samples, and may not work perfectly with all data. If you want to use it and run into errors, please contact

MultiTrans can use xcs files to localise field values. For example you might have a field for status, and one of the values is "verified". But you may want to localise all your data to be German, and rather use the value "gepr├╝ft". You can do that by actually using a numeric placeholder, like 231. The xcs file contains tables that define a mapping from numbers to localised strings.

Up to version 6.2.8422, the converter did not support this, and fields might look like this:

If you have an xcs file, make sure it has the same name as the tbx file, just with a different extension. For example, LegalTerms.tbx needs a companion file called LegalTerms.xcs.

Localisation language

One xcs file can define fields in multiple languages. Each language can cover all or just some values. Out of this mix, just one language is chosen.  The steps to decide which language to use are as follows:

  1. If the user chooses to select the language from a list, use that language
  2. If selection is automatic, and there is only one language, use that language
  3. If there are values in multiple languages, use the language that has the most defined values
  4. If values in multiple languages have the same number of mappings, and they include English, use that
  5. I there is no English mapping, use whatever comes first in the xcs file

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