When  converting into TBX, the results should mostly be compliant to the TBX version you selected. Apart from the obvious possibility of bugs, there are two cases where TBX and MultiTerm clash in a way that can't be fixed:

  1. TBX requires concept IDs to be XML names, which means they have to start with a letter. MultiTerm entries on the other hand must be numbers, and thus cannot start with a letter. I decided to allow invalid IDs in TBX, since many tools will work regardless, and it makes TBX <> SDLTB round trips possible
  2. Subfields for images: im MultiTerm you can have subfields for images, like "Source". TBX does not have generic subfields, the closest you get is        

        <descrip type="myfield">some value</descrip>
        <admin type="source">this is the source for myfield</admin>

    but there is no equivalent for images, like xGraphicGrp. So again I decided to use invalid tbx, to allow roundtrip conversion:

          <xref type="xGraphic" target="https://from-local-termbase/img.jpg"img.jpg</xref>
          <admin type="source">Google</admin>

Need 100% compliance? Don't use MultiTerm IDs or sub fields for images :-)

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