TBX graphic fields are just another type of external reference. So,

<xref target="http://upload.wikimedia.org/logo-v2.svg"  type="xGraphic">Wikipedia logo</xref>



Wikipedia logo -> http://upload.wikimedia.org/logo-v2.svg

But there is an extra complication. TBX only allows external references for graphics. MultiTerm, on the other hand, embeds graphics, and other formats store them in a local folder. Once again, the Converter must introduce a custom convention to make sure that valid TBX is produced. This time we start with an Excel field that has local graphic names:



To be TBX compliant, a this will be converted into

<xref type="xGraphic" target="https://from-local-termbase/dynamo.jog">dynamo.jog</xref>

as long as you keep the pseudo-location https://from-local-termbase, a back-conversion will result in the exact original format.

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