Multimedia fields in termbase files

When you are converting from a termbase to a glossary, and the termbase contains multimedia fields, they are exported during a conversion. A sub-folder is created in the same place where the termbase is located. It is named media_<termbase name>. For example, a termbase called imagetest.sdltb would produce a folder called media_imagetest.

Multimedia fields and glossary files

When you want to create a termbase from a glossary, and import media files, you need to define fields as multimedia fields. You can do that by either setting the field content type in the Field Definition Dialog, or by using a template termbase. You then create a folder according to the same convention as described above. Take the following spreadsheet, called car_parts.xlsx as an input example:







seat belt


For this to be fully converted, create a folder called media_car_parts, and put an image file called carburettor.jpg in it. 

You then need to either set the Field Content Type for ImageField to Media, or provide a template termbase that defines an entry level field called ImageField, which is of type MultiMedia. It's likely that in many cases, the spreadsheet has been created by exporting from a termbase in the first place, so the termbase and image folder already exist.

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