A field's content type describes the type of data it holds. This is only relevant when converting to an sdltb termbase. It has no effect in any other conversion. For the standard case of using terms in Studio, just leave it at the default value of Text. If a field is of type Language, it can't have a content type.

  • Boolean: needs to be one of these characters: X √ for false or true. That is upper case letter X and the square root sign (unicode 8730 (dec)) You can just copy and paste it from this help.
  • Date: a time and date value. This has to be exactly in this format: 2013-12-24T12:48:32. The green part is the date, the blue part the time
  • Media: a multimedia file, usually an image. See Multimedia Fields for details.
  • Number: a numeric value. You can only use integer values (like 293), not decimals (like 293.7)
  • Picklist: a fixed list of possible text values from which one or more can be selected.
  • Text: plain text, can contain any format

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