Field Types are used to describe what level of an entry a field belongs to.

  • Language: not actually a field, but the name of a language
  • Entry Level: a field that is valid for the whole entry, across all languages and synonyms
  • Index Level: a field that is valid for one language, across all synonyms within that language
  • Term Level: a field that is only valid for one term or synonym within one language
  • SubField: a field that is attached to another field, usually to specify a source. They are mostly intended for TBX 3 and sdltb or xdt files, but can also be used with spreadsheets. In any other format, they won't work properly.
    Avoid having multiple subfields of the same type. 
    Subfields of subfields may work in tbx and sdltb, but support is a bit shaky.

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