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If you want a look at the history...

Version 6.2.8639
  • This release works with Studio 2022.SR1, otherwise it is identical to 6.2.8543
  • See Version History for 6.2.8543 changes.

Version 6.2.8543
  • New Excel format: MultiColumn
  • Experimental support for MultiTrans xcs files
  • Option: replace char entities when reading from xml formats
  • Word wrap for long tool tips
  • Installer sets up Excel <> sdltb as default maps
  • Reduced log file size
  • Store term count in log files
  • Fix: Added lost Bulgarian UI again
  • Fix: Command line mode sometimes popped up notification windows
  • Fix: Settings/Performance/Do not format Excel value was reset to default when closing the program
  • Fix: Multiline Excel output sometimes asked for synch column twice

Version 6.2.8422 (hotfix for 6.2.8420 and 6.2.8410 which had installer errors)
  • Field sorting made optional (see settings\formats\general)
  • New options to improve conversion time
  • Double click on UI language or theme immediately applies the change
  • Localisation finished; thanks to Jay Chen for picking up Chinese!
  • Fix: nasty bug in reading sdltb files could randomly drop entries
  • Fix: creating sdltm files failed with a -1 or -4 error (side effect from earlier change)
  • Fix: tmx files containing empty fields caused an error
  • Fix: excel files that define term fields, but no term, caused an error
  • Fix: languages without terms could crash Excel output
  • Fix: some xlsx file throw this error: Requested value '1024x768' was not found
  • Fix: creating passolo glossaries with the sort fields option on could result in invalid files
  • Fix: another attempt to avoid losing field settings
  • Fix: tooltips only activated by mouse hover, no longer by using tab or hotkey
  • Fix: deactivating MultiTerm support could lead to a crash on next program start

Version 6.2.8296
  • Added Russian, Swedish and Italian localisation
  • Fields sorted alphabetically, where possible
  • TBX support for V2 Basic
  • Improvement in making generated TBX files conform to standards
  • Loads of tinkering with TBX to preserve data in round trips, handle subfields, and a few bug fixes
  • Better error log for problems with unprocessed Xml
  • Replaced the default field separator from ‖ to ~, since it is easier to read and type. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause
  • Fix: when converting from sdltb, data could get lost (side effect of a performance improvement in 6.2.8189)
  • Fix: when saving and loading settings, output formats were not preserved
  • Fix: in some cases, field definitions got lost after a conversion
  • Fix: in some localisations the buttons in the error window disappeared
  • Fix: in some setups, sdltm format was not shown, even when Studio is present
  • Fix: some memoq termbase exports caused errors with empty entries
  • Fix: only write debug files in debug mode
  • Fix: allow displaying latest MultiTerm version in error log
  • Fix: when using command line mode to convert to sdltb, and passing in relative file names, the target file was not created

Version 6.2.8189
  • Studio 2022 ready
  • Improved startup time and display
  • Moved advanced settings to proper settings
  • Possible to set bilingual default language by name or language code
  • Less intrusive notification for updates
  • All separators can now have multiple characters, including whitespace
  • Option to disable overwrite warning
  • Option to choose output folder
  • Option to disable LibreOffice and MultiTerm support. saving a few seconds at startup
  • Support for latest LibreOffice versions
  • Option to open created files immediately (e.g. start Excel for xlsx output)
  • Option to install upgrades directly from the app, without having to go elsewhere for download
  • Added quick options and access to fields editor to the main window
  • New theme: Mint
  • Generally tweaked colours in themes
  • Larger main window, and larger font in dialogs (The old eyes ain't what they used to be B-)
  • Fix: large sdltm conversion ran into timeout. Increased the waiting time.
  • Fix: empty lines in Excel could cause errors
  • Fix: when loading an external settings file, making changes and then closing, the settings were lost
  • Fix: intermittent failure when using bilingual default languages
  • Fix: failure when creating ETS xml, depending on input data and sequence
  • Fix: crash when cancelling merge field dialog
  • Fix: Termbases using entry fields with subfields caused error when converting to spreadsheet

Version 6.1.7946
  • History fields (create and modify date and user) are preserved in sdltb, xdt+xml, tbx3
  • Optional: history field support in excel
  • Filter by history fields possible
  • Support for sub fields in sdltb, xdt, spreadsheet and tbx3 formats
  • Lots of TBX 3 fixes and enhancements
  • SDLTM format supports reading and writing fields
  • TMX attribute 'tuid' exported and imported like a field
  • Robust handling of invalid tmx ("lang" attribute instead of "xml:lang")
  • Robust handling of Excel files with wrong extension (xls <-> xlsx)
  • Can use >>X...<< tags in spreadsheets to exclude columns
  • Multiple instances of a field are now preserved in Spreadsheet <-> Termbase conversions
  • Merging now merges picklist value instead of adding multiple fields
  • Option to create multiple language pairs for bilingual output, by setting source and/or target to *
  • Option to set default source and target languages for bilingual output (to avoid the selection dialog)
  • Rearranged settings tabs
  • New tab "Formats" with better (I hope) selection of output formats
  • Moved "Template termbase", "Export entry number" and "Unprocessed XML mode" to "Termbase" tab
  • Option to skip check for changed settings when closing dialog
  • Status display on main window now indicates excel history mode, but no longer master termbase
  • The "out" tile now acts as a button to open output type selection
  • When converting from Excel, assume that unknown columns are entry or term fields, saving another few clicks :-)
  • Fix: Excel column headers with trailing blanks caused crashes when converting to sdltb
  • Fix: Some Excel fields caused crashes (mistake in date format parsing)
  • Fix: Some non-terminology sheets, like pivot tables, caused crashes
  • Fix: Fields containing commas were not exported properly to csv files
  • Fix: error with some characters (unicode > 0xFFFF), e.g. emojis
  • Fix: ets xml output caused an error for some languages, most notably Chinese
  • Fix: "unprocessed XML" option did not get applied any more
  • Fix: empty sdltm files did not show any language field
  • Fix: filtering for non-empty terms failed
  • Fix: Dialog warning about restarting after UI change wouldn't close on some systems
  • Fix: trying to convert input with no languages, and clicking "Yes" on the warning dialog for this caused a crash

Version 6.0.7527
  • Compatible with Studio 2021
  • Handle invalid characters in tmx gracefully
  • Stop processing for certain errors to avoid unnecessary log entries

Version 6.0.7588
  • Formulas in Excel files now get resolved (use displayed value, not the underlying formula string)
  • Improved display of non-string Excel cells (dates and currencies in particular)
  • Fix: merging files into an sdltb and converting that back to a spreadsheet could cause errors
  • Fix: if some entries were missing entry fields, a conversion a to spreadsheet could have data placed in the wrong columns
  • Fix: converting large file to xlsx, using large file mode, crashed after finalising the conversion
  • Fix: Older versions of MultiTerm/Trados could cause null value errors while analysing a file
  • Fix: Can now convert a spreadsheet while it is open in Excel

Version 6.0.7491
  • Fix: Out of Memory Error when loading certain xml files without line breaks
  • Previous build caused false positives on some virus scanners

Version 6.0.7483
  • Fix: Error when using merge:Unable to load DLL 'SQLite.Interop.dll'
  • Fix: Using SR as a language code in input data caused an error
  • Fix: Using ods as output format when merging caused an error

Version 6.0.7749
  • Excel no longer required for spreadsheets, thanks to the NPOI project
  • Initial support for TBX V3, including field mapping
  • SDLTM support
  • Swedish UI, thanks to Stefan Johansson
  • If the app window is outside of the screen, e.g. after a screen resolution change, move to top left of screen
  • When you cancel the edit dialog with unsaved changes, a warning is displayed
  • xdt and tbx can now use either iso, SDL MT, or Trados codes, e.g. no-NO, nor, or NB for Norwegian (Bokmål)
  • Tmx input now can handle large files
  • New installer replacing deprecated technology
  • Fix: I/O error on startup in some cases
  • Fix: cope with various empty fields in TBX import
  • Fix: prop elements when reading TMX could cause errors
  • Fix: using a template termbase could cause a "value cannot be NULL" error
  • Fix: ignoring a field or language during conversion of a termbase caused a crash
  • Fix: language names with comma properly exported to csv
  • Fix: using a field called "entry number" and selecting "export entry number from termbase" caused an error
  • Fix: don't play finished sound when canceling conversion

Version 5.2.6980
  • Avoid some occurrences of the "Can't Detect MultiTerm" error
  • Installer contains repair tool to fix some "Cant' Detect MultiTerm" errors
  • Handle invalid characters in xml, xdt and tbx gracefully (write to log and replace by blank)
  • F1 shows context sensitive help in all dialogs
  • tbx will no longer use DOCTYPE in the header by default
  • Advanced option to add DOCTYPE to tbx and tmx output
  • Advanced option to create all fields, even when the value is empty
  • When a field name is already defined, and you convert a spreadsheet, that definition will be used and no automatic detection is attempted. This is mostly to allow ID as a text field, and not identify it as Indonesian.
  • Fix: glo writer didn't handle missing first language in entry
  • Fix: Saving to ods could lead to Excel error
  • Fix: It was possible to paste invalid file extensions into the termbase templates file, leading to a confusing error
  • Fix: When merging languages with different names (like IT, Italian) any of the aliases can be used in the merge dialog

Version 5.1.6860
  • It's now possible to read sdltb and write xdt/xml without MultiTerm or Studio being installed
  • Using the -l option without Libre Office installed will use native csv/txt component, bypassing Excel completely
  • Default output when MultiTerm can't be found changed from tbx to xdt
  • Help button in the settings dialog
  • More file and timing information in log
  • Errors in applying a filter to the input now shown in a more detailed dialog
  • Filters dialog disables controls when when no filter used
  • Localisation of new 5.0 features
  • Fix: It was possible to select an empty output format, leading to converter not starting any more
  • Fix: Filter matched empty fields with *any*
  • Fix: Filter can have quotes around field names, like: "English (US)"
  • Fix: Allow comma in language names again, like: Chinese, PRC
  • Fix: -d parameter wasn't working any longer
  • Fix: Error during conversion to termbase left a locked sdltb file
  • Fix: Browsing for Master Termbase in Merge dialog caused application to crash
  • Fix: A few messages showed {} placeholders

Version 5.0.6804
  • - MultiTerm 2019 support
  • - Conversion filters can be defined
  • - Log file written for each conversion
  • - Alphabetic sorting of fields in sdltb output
  • - When a field in excel is before the first language column, don't allow to define it as a term or index
  • - Advanced feature: control handling of Multiple Fields for One Term
  • - in spreadsheets
  • - Separator between synonyms in spreadsheets can now also be a string,
  • - possibly including \n for newline
  • - Command line mode: show no error dialog, just log errors (allows better batch processing)
  • - fix: spreadsheet with 1 single cell caused an error
  • - fix: language names with . in them, or longer than 50 characters caused an error
  • - fix: sdltb termbases defining an empty picklist caused an error

Version 4.11
  • - Initial support for Babylon bgl (readonly)
  • - Advanced option: specify Copyright, Description and Creation User for sdltb output
  • - Advanced option: automatically ignore unknown fields
  • - Improved debug info (formatted settings, LibreOffice bitness)
  • - Fix: Excel: 2003 support repaired (once again...)
  • - Fix: Excel: multi-line format files could cause errors when merging
  • - Fix: Tmx: Could not handle tmx with included dtd reference

Version 4.10
  • Fix: BeGlobal csv needs to be comma, not tab, separated
  • Fix: BeGlobal and ETS formats more robust with special characters

Version 4.9
  • Fix: Some leftover debug code could cause "access is denied" errors
  • Fix: Fields dialog, don't allow selecting term/index field from right click menu when not permitted

Version 4.8
  • New formats: SDL Language Cloud xml and SDL BeGlobal csv
  • Formats restricted to 2 languages now allow choosing source and target
  • Fix: When displaying an sdltb file in the new MultiTerm default layout, the target language could get duplicated  
  • Fix: Excel input - having the same field name on different levels could lead to wrong assignment
  • Fix: Excel in multiline format - sometimes the field selection dialog popped up twice

Version 4.7
  • txt and csv are now supported even if Excel/LibreOffice are not installed or not found
  • Improved handling of newlines in spreadsheet output
  • Option to disable version check
  • Option to play a sound when finished
  • When running in command line mode, no dialogs about missing Excel/MultiTerm or updates pop up
  • Display error details when Excel not found
  • The "in" tile in main window now acts as a button to open files
  • Tiles that are not buttons show their function when clicked
  • Splash screen while loading
  • Fix: Excel 2003 support repaired
  • Fix: Excel couldn't find files on case sensitive network drives
  • Fix: ods output format did not work (does not seem to be a popular format, nobody complained :-)

Version 4.6
  • Improved language detection in tmx and tbx: recognise English names like "Chinese"
  • Settings information added to error log
  • Fix: possible crash of Converter or Excel when an Excel instance is running
  • Fix: Improved language handling in Passolo format
  • Fix: Support for CATEGORY column in Passolo format
  • Fix: Progress bar for Passolo format

Version 4.5
  • Support for Trados Studio 2017
  • Fix: crash when converting an sdltb termbase with corrupted media fields
  • Fix: Converting a termbase with language EN failed when convertin to Passolo format

Version 4.4/4.3
  • Support for Passolo .glo format
  • Fix: error converting some termbases to Excel
  • Fix: link in update window pointed to old location
  • ...and from the short lived version 4.3:
  • Option to start in debug mode, mostly to investigate problems identifying installed software
  • Option to enforce use of Libre/Open Office, even when Excel is installed
  • Chinese (Simplified) user interface, Thanks to YanJun Sun
  • Fix: spreadsheet fields with newlines caused problems when exporting to xls or xlsx
  • Fix: quotes in picklist values caused error when converting to sdltb
  • Fix: in merge mode, errors were not displayed, and no feedback given

Version 4.2
  • Support for OpenOffice and LibreOffice: if you have one of those installed, you don't need Excel
  • Support for ods files
  • Fix spreadsheet: field names with [square brackets] caused errors
  • Fix spreadsheet: fields assigned to a non-existing (empty) term were assigned to the wrong language (instead of being ignored)
  • fixes UTX: date format, assigning all unspecified fields to tgt, ignore empty field values

Version 4.1
  • Fix: using the same picklist on multiple levels in an sdltb termbase caused an exception
  • Fix: converting from termbase to xlsx did not collect picklist values
  • Fix: Control characters and non-printable character entities (like ) could lead to exceptions. They are now replaced by a dot.
  • Fix: When converting with the "always show field dialog" option active, the field dialog was shown twice
  • Fix: Russian UI had some cut labels
  • Support for Office 365 and Windows 10
  • Exporting entry number from termbases made optional
  • Merging into an sdltb termbase using an entry number field will now create the actual entry number and not just add it as a field
  • It's possible to merge 2 sdltb files into a new sdltb (added MultiTerm Termbase as output format)
  • Option to preserve cross references when converting between SDLTB and Excel
  • Option to not export >>...<< tags to spreadsheets
  • Improved handling of commas and tabs when writing csv or txt spreadsheets
  • Improved handling of newlines reading csv and txt spreadsheets
  • Improved handling of certain txt or csv files (UTF8 without BOM)
  • Option to repeat the source in multi line excel output
  • The "Do you want to overwrite?" message box is displayed on top of other windows
  • Dialogs are always positioned relative to parent window
  • Dialog size and the main window position are remembered between sessions
  • UTX header changed to latest version

Version 4.0
  • Added merging of multiple files
  • Added merging of languages
  • Support for Studio 2015 (introducing new languages)
  • Romanian user interface, thanks to
  • Italian user interface, thanks to
  • Russian user interface, thanks to Dmitry Pakidov
  • Field content verification when converting to sdltb
  • Picklist values can be collected automatically
  • sdltb now exports Entry number as a field
  • Can handle xdt without xml (creates empty termbase)
  • Can handle csv files with semicolons or tabs (automatically detected)
  • New fields default to type Text, not Unknown
  • Double click in field type windows accepts and closes
  • Small performance improvement (up to 25% for larger files)
  • And a new theme: Spring, which was the originally planned release time...
  • Fix: non-lowercase file extensions caused a crash
  • Fix: multiline output format crashed when an entry does not contain the sync language
  • Fix: selecting template termbase and not providing a file name caused a crash
  • Fix: newlines in terms or fields (e.g. when converting from tmx) broke excel output
  • Fix: generated xdt/xml did not import images when used to create termbases in
  • MultiTerm
  • Fix: special characters in field names caused reorganise errors in sdltb
  • Fix: couldn't handle excel files starting with empty rows
  • Fix: couldn't handle csv files in UTF-16 encoding
  • Fix: UTX output didn't reset ID counter when used repeatedly
  • Fix: not all theme images were loaded properly
  • Fix: colour of progress message illegible in some themes

Version 3.5
  • Hotfix: TBX output format couldn't handle special characters like < or &

Version 3.4
  • No more licensing! Donations to the author still welcome ;-)
  • Polish user interface, thanks to the MAGIT team at
  • Added a new theme, Frost, in the spirit of winter coming.

Version 3.3
  • Fix: Conversion from TBX just displayed an empty fields dialog - this bug was introduced in version 3.2.
  • Fix: Saving to a different location when file exists didn't work.
  • Fix: Ignoring fields and languages didn't work in all formats

Version 3.2
  • Support for import of MultiTerm mtf.xml files, even if no xdt file is available.
  • New TBX parser supports handling of very large files. Note, though, that MultiTerm itself has a size limit of 2 GB, so you still can't convert the IATE termbase to MultiTerm format...
  • Improved support for fields in TBX. It is not mirroring the whole byzantine tangle of field and note types and groups in TBX, but will harvest most of what can be considered a field in MultiTerm.
  • Fix: settings files are now saved with the extension xml (not the out of date txt).

Version 3.1
  • Excel multi-line format (dictionary style)
  • Possibility to directly define Field Content Types (bool, number, multimedia...) when creating a termbase
  • Themes for the User Interface
  • Option to convert every format directly into every other format
  • UI improvements in the Field Definition Dialog (right click on columns to change values).
  • Dutch localisation, thanks to AbdulRahiem Dubelaar,
  • Improved stability around Excel errors (fewer zombie processes after errors)
  • fix: termbases that use the same media name in multiple entries now export and import correctly
  • fix: fields with the same name on different levels now work (I hope...)
  • fix: newlines in field values caused messed up Excel and UTX files
  • fix: certain types of tbx files caused crashes
  • fix: tmx files were not standards compliant and didn't open in some tools

Version 3.0
  • use of existing termbases as templates, allowing to define field types
  • support for xdt/xml pairs as an input and output format
  • new UI, including option to change all settings
  • support for MultiTerm 2014
  • support for the same field name on different levels with spreadsheets
  • support for converting multimedia fields
  • French localisation thanks to Julien Poireau
  • performance improvements for converting from excel (up to 10x for large files), as long as you don't need handling of hidden rows/sheets
  • performance improvements for converting to termbases (roughly twice, unfortunately at the price of losing a useful progress bar)
  • Option to cancel long operations
  • support for utx format
  • support for tmx format
  • Automatic check for new versions

Version 2.3
  • support for fields
  • support for Excel txt files
  • support for reading (not writing) unicode csv files
  • Cancel button in field selection dialog
  • back to one executable, while still supporting MultiTerm 2009 and 2011
  • improved language guessing (taking Windows language into account)
  • progress shown in the task bar (Windows 7 or later)
  • added mini-documentation to settings file to facilitate manual editing
  • fix: iso codes (like en, fr) were no longer recognized in column headers
  • (possible) fix: prevent crash during startup

Version 2.2
  • fix: TBX files created in MultiTerm caused an XML encoding error

Version 2.1
  • Spanish localisation thanks to Montserrat Pijuan Rabat
  • fix: multiple columns with the same name cause error
  • fix: detection of 2009/2011 version improved

Version 2.0
  • MultiTerm 2009 support
  • support for multi sheet Excel workbooks
  • more robust handling of Excel workbooks with
    • case differences in column headers
    • empty rows, columns and sheets
    • hidden rows, columns and sheets
  • tbx support
  • progress bar when converting to termbase
  • help converted to chm
  • many behind the scene changes to allow for more formats in the future
  • fix: Installer detects missing .net framework
  • fix: sublanguages weren't handled properly (same language used for both in the termbase)

Version 1.1
  • localisation support
  • support for synonyms
  • colums in xls files autosized for easier readability
  • some spreadsheets with invisible rows/columns crashed
  • "File exists" dialog was sometimes hidden behind other windows
  • verifying on startup if MultiTerm is installed