Note: you need Glossary Converter 3.1 or later to change the content type.

I won't go into too many details here, since anyone who wants to add fields probably knows what they're doing. You'll see this dialog (first screen shot: with Glossary Converter 3.1, second with lower version or no Glossary Converter):


  • To add a new field, click the Add button and enter one or more field names. By default, they are term level text fields.
  • To change the field level,click one of the level buttons, or right click on the Field Type column in the list.
  • To change the content type, click the Content button, or right click on the Content column in the list.
    Once all fields are to your liking, Close the dialog with the OK button.

There is a restriction here: you cannot have the same field name on multiple levels. For example, you cannot have a Notes field on both term and entry level. Use a name like Entry Nodes for one of them, or use the standalone Glossary Converter to create the termbase, or use the MultiTerm wizard.

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