UTX (Universal Terminology eXchange) was developed by the Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation. It is a text based format for mono- or bilingual glossaries, designed to facilitate glossary exchange between different machine translation systems. You can find more information on http://www.aamt.info/english/utx/.

This is a bilingual format, have a look at the notes for Export of bilingual formats.

Glossary Converter supports version 1.11 of the standard. It should handle all basic functionality, but takes some liberties with synonym handling:

UTX uses a column "Concept ID" to identify terms that are synonyms of each other. This is fully respected on import, and the value of the column is preserved as a field. If you export a termbase, though, the Concept ID column is always added, and its values are generated automatically, when needed. Any Concept ID field values that are in the termbase are ignored.

Take as an example a minimal utx file like this:

#src        tgt         src:pos     Concept ID

Drucker     printer     -           13

Stromkabel  power cable -           12        

Netzkabel   power cable -           12

This will import fine, creating a term level field "Concept ID". When you export again to utx, you will get the following. No ID for Drucker, since there are no synonyms, and ID 1 for Stromkabel/Netzkabel, since IDs are assigned as running numbers starting at 1.

Drucker     printer     -                

Stromkabel  power cable -           1        

Netzkabel   power cable -           1

This is necessary, since UTX is guaranteed to have Concept IDs for all terms with synonyms, while termbases may be modified later and have synonyms without a Concept ID field. No content is lost, all synonyms are correctly converted back and forth, just the value of the Concept ID fields may change.

Any src: or trg: fields are interpreted as term level fields in MultiTerm, since there is no distinction between language- and term-level in UTX.

Strictly speaking, it is of course possible to preserve the values, but it would require a time consuming analysis and slow down conversion. If any UTX users think that preserving these values is important, please contact glossary@cerebus.de.


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