The Legalese


Glossary Converter is distributed as is. It performs its task (converting term files) as well as it can, but like any software, it has bugs. There will be files it can't convert. There will be computers it does not run on. There will be results that don't look like you expected. There is no guarantee it will be fit for your task, and the author can not be held responsible for any results.


I try to reply to support emails within a few days, but can't guarantee anything. Same goes for feature and file format requests: if it looks feasible, I try to follow suggestions, but some things are impossible or too time consuming. Last but not least: further development and support may end at any time.


You can redistribute the unchanged installer or zip  content, for example to convert term data in the background of your own translation software. This holds for both free and commercial software. You do not have to mention it in your documentation, but a link to would show good manners.

You can not:

  • distribute it as is, or as part of a package whose main purpose is term data conversion
  • charge any fees for it, stand-alone or for the specific function of its data conversion This does not affect use in a commercial tool that mainly does other things; just don't charge specifically for term data conversion
  • reverse engineer it and distribute the results as your own

Third Party Software

Glossary Converter uses the following libraries:

  • ExcelDataReader, under the MIT License
  • ExcelLibrary, under GNU LPGL 3.0, (using bits of code, not the full library)
  • LibreOffice, under the Mozilla Public License v2.0
  • System.Data.SQLite, under the MS-PL License
  • WiX Toolset, under the Microsoft Reciprocal License

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