Things to try when you run into errors:

  • restart the Converter
  • or even restart the machine, especially when you see memory errors
  • if the data is on a network drive, or a OneDrive folder, copy it to a local folder.
  • go to the stored settings in C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\SDL OpenExchange\GlossaryConverter and rename the file settings.xml to something else, so the next time a fresh settings file is created. If that helps, you can restore the original settings and work on narrowing down which setting is the problem.
  • define the circumstances that cause the error:
    • does it happen with all files, or just a  specific one? 
    • with a specific file type? e.g. you can convert xlsx > tbx, but not sdltb > tbx
    • similarly: does it persist when you change the output format? e.g. you can convert xlsx > tbx, but not xlsx > sdltb
  • If the problem is file specific, reduce the data: 
    • remove most entries, just leaving, for example, the first few lines of an excel file
    • remove all languages but 2
    • remove all fields
  • if the data is confidential, see if you can reproduce the error with a termbase that has exactly the same structure, but only a few nonsense entries. 
  • Once you followed as many of these steps as possible, contact support, include the error log, and, if the problem is file specific, the data file. Ideally, a minimal subset as described in this topic.

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