I think a lot of use cases may involve a simple check of a status field, but I'm sure creative users come up with more. Below are a few examples that are aimed more at showing the syntax, not to be useful as such. Do let me know if you have filter use cases! I'm also convinced that there are bugs in the filter engine, it is quite a complex beast. Don't hesitate to contact support if things don't work as expected.

Find all terms that need verification

French.Term.status = new OR French.Term.status = *none* OR

German.Term.status = new OR German.Term.status = *none* OR

English.Term.status = new OR English.Term.status = *none*

Extract verified French terms (on language level)

French.status = verified

Find all English terms containing "Bike" (but not "bike")

English.Term == ".*Bike.*"

Get forbidden English terms, excluding some domains

English.Term.status = forbidden AND NOT (domain = trade OR domain = finance)

Just an example of why parentheses matter

English.Term.status = forbidden AND NOT domain = trade OR domain = finance

This will give you all entries with forbidden non-trade terms, or with finance terms regardless of status.

It is equivalent to:

(English.Term.status = forbidden AND NOT domain = trade) OR domain = finance

Weirdness. This is actually valid syntax


Why? because you may have a comment that says "Status=New=="

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