This is a highly irregular error, which affects only some machines. It has become much more frequent since the release of Trados Studio SR1 and MultiTerm CU1. A number of events come together to cause it, and the easiest way to attempt a fix is to run the repair tool that come as part of the Glossary Converter installation: C:\Program Files (x86)\SDL OpenExchange\Glossary Converter\RepairMultiTerm.exe

This handles the known 2017/2019 problems. Since the causes are still not exactly clear, there is no guarantee it will work, but a good number of errors were fixed.

Another fix was reported that helped particularly when older versions of MultiTerm/Trados were used: try the older Glossary Converter, build 5.1. It is still available on

If you can't fix it, there is a workaround:

  • Use the Glossary Converter to create an xdt/xml file pair
  • In MultiTerm, create a new termbase based on the xdt
  • In MultiTerm, import the xml file

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