Here Be Dragons

The Advanced tab is a list of settings that were implemented just for one customer, or that are not deemed important for everyday use, or simply came too late for a localisation cycle and still should be available. In short, it is the laboratory of the Converter. Nothing here is localised, data is not verified. If, for example, a feature requires setting a numeric value, and you enter a string, it may either blow up or do unexpected things. So make sure you know what you are doing here.

Basic functionality

Double click the Value column and enter the required data.

Feature Details

  • Copyright: is displayed in the properties of SDLTB termbases
  • Creation User: is displayed for each term in an SDLTB termbases when viewing in Full layout
  • Description: is displayed in the properties of SDLTB termbases
  • Ignore Unknown Fields: if an input file contains a field that is not already defined in the Converter settings, it is ignored. Helps to keep clean glossaries without customer fields you're not interested in. Value needs to be True or False.
  • Multi Field Mode: determines what happens when a spreadsheet defines multiple field values but only has one term, Possible values are multipleTerms, multipleFields or ignore. See for Multiple Fields for One Term for details.
  • Create Empty Fields: Value needs to be True or False. By default, if a spreadsheet cell is empty, no field is created in the output. If you set this to true, all fields are created, even those with an empty value. This particularly applies to sdltb, mtf and tbx.
  • Add DOCTYPE to xml header: Value needs to be True or False. This affects tbx and tmx output only. These formats can have a DOCTYPE declaration in the header. Some tools need it, some don't work if it is there. This flag controls if the declaration is added to the header or not.
  • LargeFileExcelMode: Value needs to be True or False. Creating large Excel files can lead to an out of memory error. Set this to True to reduce memory use. You will lose a little formatting in the resulting xlsx. Particularly useful if you have many languages and fields; but you still have the 1048575 row limit in Excel.

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