Did you ever want a desktop clock that looks like your favorite watch? With all the hands moving exactly like the original? Well, I did, and could not find any software that allows it, so I wrote this simulator.

To create your own version, you take pictures of the watch in question, extract all the relevant bits, and write an xml file that defines how and where they move.

The basic elements are the face of the watch, and a number of hands that move on it. There is no real support for digital displays, so it's old fashioned analogue mostly.

Have a look at the Casio clock that inspired it all for full functionality. This tutorial will then, step by step, build up a complex watch. There is a some simple graphics processing involved, and it can be a bit fiddly, but the results, I think, are worth it. Imagine you just bought the thinnest watch in the world, from the renowned Paper Watch company, and want it on your desktop, to admire all the time. This is what you want to create:

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