Glossary Converter                   
A tool to convert between SDL MultiTerm termbases and other terminology formats, including Excel, tbx and tmx.
   Psi 5 Trading Company
A game from (arguably) the Golden Age of computers. All the information you can think of: images, reviews, links, downloads...
Overload is a computer board game from the dawn of personal computers. A bit like Reversi with explosions. Marvel at its mutations over the decades, and of course download and play it.
   Cerebus the Aardvark
The longest running and probably most influential independent comic. You'll find a curious collection of images, merchandise, and trivia. This hasn't been maintained for quite some time now.
   Der Unendliche Joint          
Im Jahre 1987 machten sich zwei Teenager auf, eine Parodie auf die damals beliebten Rollenspiele zu schreiben. Was damals in Buchform auf den Markt kam, ist jetzt online! Als Teen vor 40 Jahren war das immens komisch. Also erfreut euch des gehobenen Blödsinns, und bleibt locker, ne?
   Watch Simulator                   
The Watch Simulator allows you to create a desktop clock based on your favourite watch. All you need is a few pictures of the watch, a simple graphics editor, and an xml file.
   Dark Meadow                         
In the excellent game The Dark Meadow you collect clues, like newspaper clippings and letters, that are stored in a library and eventually reveal the background story. It has but one flaw: that library is not very user friendly, so I created a virtual album of all the clues that hopefully gives them the atmosphere they deserve.
H3Mod is a tool to apply different themes to the user interface of MP3 players; supporting several players from iriver, Sansa and iAudio. Outdated by now, but fun while it lasted. Also includes LJMix, a tool to randomly fill players from a large music collection.