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Various people have listed their favourite crews, here's a collection. As you can see, there is no simple answer, with the possible exception of Bru:

Berthold Meyer, (from an unknown German C64 magazine)
Grolo, Blustan, Bronxaag, Fligronk, Bru

Bionikk, on lemon64 (search the site for Psi 5, it's in the comments section)
Al, Jaru, Bronxaag, Anthony, Bru

Jason Compton (in the lemon64 review) gives no full list, but suggests Bru

Christian Brandt, on comp.sys.cbm
Boris, Phyzo, Nik, Fligronk, Bru

Jason Millson, in Your Sinclair
Q6-D, Churglik, Yenx, Fligronk, T3XR9