Glossary Converter tries to handle everything as automatically as possible, but in some cases the user needs to specify the meaning of fields, or define a language. In that case, a dialog like the following pops up. 

Each line represents a field that can't be identified automatically, where fields that still require action are marked red. These may be fields in a spreadsheet, or unknown languages in spreadsheets and tmx files.

If nothing is red, you should still review them, since some values are only guessed 

Changing Field Type values

You can edit the values in two ways: Select one or more fields, and then 

  • Click the button corresponding to the field type (Language or Entry/Index/Term level). In case of Language, a dialog will pop up from which you can select the language.
  • Or: right-click on a field type and choose from the dialog that pops up.

Changing Field Content Type values

This is pretty much the same as for field types (note that Language fields have no content type): Select one or more fields, and then 

  • Click the Content button, and choose from the dialog that pops up. In case of a Picklist field, an additional dialog opens when you click the option, allowing you to edit the possible list values. If you want to fill picklist fields automatically, leave the additional dialog empty and click OK.
  • Or: right click on a field content type, and choose from the dialog.

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