A very condensed overview, that should get you going for the most common use case. The tool's main task is to convert between MultiTerm termbases and Excel spreadsheets. It works by dragging and dropping a file of one type onto the application or onto the shortcut of the application that is installed on the desktop, and produces the other type in the same folder as the source file.

You may then be asked to identify if an item represents a language, or a field.

The graphic below shows how different elements of a terminology entry are represented in a termbase and the equivalent spreadsheet

In the spreadsheet, note the following:

  • you must have the language names in the first row
  • the >>tags<< are recommended, but optional, see Annotated Field Headers
  • fields are optional.
  • If there are fields, they belong to the language on their left, see Fields in Spreadsheets
  • Synonyms are best represented by separating them with |, but another popular format, bilingual wordlist, is also supported, see Synonyms in multi-line format

There you are. That's the core of it on one page. For more details, dig deeper into this helpfile, and if you are still confused, contact support.

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