What does the Converter do?

Glossary Converter converts terminology data between different formats. The focus is on MultiTerm sdltb termbases and Excel spreadsheets and TBX. Other formats are supported but may not cover all features.

How do I Start a Conversion?

First prepare your data and program settings, if necessary. Then kick off the conversion process. 

Preparing the Settings

If you convert between sdltb termbases and Excel files, you may may be OK with not changing anything. Otherwise, you'll at least have to choose the output format.

Preparing the Data

The most frequent problems are caused by non-compatible Excel files. If your data is a spreadsheet:

The first row must define the column language and field /names, like this (language can be an iso code or the English language name as used by Windows):







Power cord

UK use


Choosing the Output Format

click the settings tile or use the Alt+S shortcut to open the settings and choose the Formats page. Either set the default output to your preference, or add a specific Source->Target combination.

Starting the Conversion

Run the converter and drag and drop a file on it. Conversion will start immediately. Alternatively, you can click on the in tile top left or use the Alt-O shortcut to browse for a file.

Defining Fields

Depending on your data format and content it's possible that a window pops up asking you to specify field details. This is mostly necessary when converting from Excel files. If nothing is red, it may be fine to just click OK.

Output Files

When the conversion is finished, it puts the converted file in the same location as the source, with the same name but a different file extension. There will also be a log file with some information about the conversion.

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