If you convert a glossary that contains fields, you can import all the fields to a termbase. They are by default of type Text. For use of termbases in Trados Studio, text fields are perfectly fine, and you don't need to do anything else.

For simple setups, you can change the field content type for the termbase in the Field Definition Dialog

For more complex uses (termbases with mandatory fields, or restricted access), you may want to model your result on an existing termbase. You can then specify this termbase as a template, and the created one will have the same format, regardless of your input data. This requires some discipline from the user: your input data must conform to the template setup. That is, you cannot have fields or languages in your data that are not part of the template. Well, you can, If you have, they will be ignored, and you will be warned about it during the conversion.

The scenario is best suited to the rather popular scenario: convert from termbase to Excel - edit in Excel - convert back to termbase.

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